Gift-giving this Christmas

The true essence of Christmas is GIVING. This Christmas season, let us demonstrate our unselfish love to people especially to the less fortunate ones around us through giving. That’s why our CWTS II classes in The Fisher Valley College in Taguig City will be conducting a GIFT-GIVING ACTIVITY on DECEMBER 19, 2010 (Sunday) at 8:00 AM onwards at Barangay Pinagsama. A short program will be conducted which will include games for the children.

We have designated a DONATION BOX just outside the College Office for those individuals who have golden hearts to impart their resources in this endeavor. You can give clothes, toys, children’s books, school supplies, canned goods, etc. Your kindness would be highly appreciated.

What you will do is actually your investment in the future. In the days to come, we are sure that “YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU WILL SOW.”Jesus Christ, Who is the Center of this Christmas season, will certainly remember your good deeds.

So what are you waiting for? MAG-DONATE NA!

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