I passed the April 2010 Civil Service Exam!

God is so good in my life! Almost everyday since July 1st, I am always checking the Civil Service Commission website for the results of the Civil Service Examination. A total of 95,393 Filipinos from around the country took the written exam last April 25, 2010. In National Capital Region alone, there were12,360 hopefuls who took the Professional Level examinations but only 2,297 passed the exam (including me!). That is 18.58% passing rate. Last November 2009, only 6,334 of the 62,389 who took the exam made it. The passing rate is 10.15 percent only.

And tonight, while I am browsing the webpages of CSC, I saw my name in the official list of those who passed the exam! Wow! This is really amazing! I have a high regard for the Civil Service Commission in the Philippines in spite of some civil service professionals who are committing offenses against the public. This small group of individuals who are tainting the dignity of the Filipino people should be thrown into the dungeons of hell so that they would realize the importance of public service. Public office is a public trust.

This is the third major exam that I took in my lifetime, and in each exam, God gave His favor to me. The very first exam was the coveted University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT); second, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Scholarship Examination; and the third one, the Civil Service Exam administered by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), where the official results were posted just tonight.

The next thing that I want to focus on is the Foreign Service Officer (FSO) Examination to be administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs next year. Oh, Lord, you are really so merciful to me!

"Passing the career service examinations would result in the conferment of either Professional or Sub-professional eligibility that is needed, among others, for permanent appointment to corresponding career service positions in the government, except those that involve practice of profession or are covered by special laws," according to CSC website.
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