The Makati Crisis Today

Here comes another coup d'etat.. Today, November 29, 2007 will forever be remembered by Filipinos. This date, for sure, will be part of the Philippine history books in the future... That another attempt to topple down the Chief Executive of the Republic of the Philippines, led by then Army officer, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.. Some call this Makati Crisis as The Manila Peninsula Seige for the reason that the coup takes place at this hotel.. Others call it The Manila Peninsula Mutiny and perhaps it was patterned after the The Oakwood Mutiny, which was also led by Trillanes last 2003..

The central theme of the Manila Peninsula Mutiny: calling for the ouster of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.. This issue is not new to us.. I just wonder why the group of Trillanes use the term "Magdalo" to refer themselves, same name the rebels during the Oakwood Mutiny used... If we are going to trace back the political history of the Philippines, the Magdalo group has been in questioned.. Magdalo has been one of the factions of the revolutionary forces during the American Regime headed by Emilio Aguinaldo.. And it was this group who was said to be the responsible for killing Andres Bonifacio, the Katipunan Supremo and the leader of the Magdiwang group... Why should the mutineers use this name? Is this a betrayal? I still don't know...

I just hope that this issue will be settled down as soon as possible.. This will surely affect our economy and political stability.. Trillanes has been part of the UP community, a student of public administration from the National College of Public Administration and Governance of U.P. Diliman... The former UP President Dodong Nemenzo was also present during the mutiny.. I do not know if he has a direct involvement, but he is a supporter (and an adviser to that matter) of Trillanes... As I watched the Breaking News of ABS-CBN, i began contemplating how U.P. shaped her students... Who is the founder of Moro National Liberation Front? Nur Misuari.. What about the Communist Party of the Philippines? It is Jose Maria Sison.. Both personalities were UP graduates and served their Alma Mater as professors... As an alumnus of this premiere university, I am so much concerned with how the students are train the way they should believe in, the way they should go in the later years of their lives...

Hope that we will live in peace, harmony, and prosperity and not chaos, economic and political instabilities..


Today, we live in a world that demands urgency. People are always in hurry. We want immediate gratification of our urges and desires. If not satisfied, we're hurt. Hence, we fail to enjoy the goodness of life.

Today, we live in a world of violence and chaos. Bombings in the diferent parts of the globe and suicidal attacks frighten the whole citizenry. To localized this scenario, malls such as Glorietta and SM have been the target of terrorist attacks. Worse than this was the blast that had happened just recently in the Batasan. Yes, even the House of Representatives of the Republic of the Philippines, which is supposed to have a tight security measures to protect our beloved legislators, is not free from such violence.

Today, we live in a world whose governments have been instruments of corruption. The moment we entered the society, we agreed to bound ourselves together for our betterment and thus establishing a government that would protect us and build a just and humane society and administration of justice. Unfortunately, more often than not, we are just blinded by the masquerades of those who occupy the bureaucracy. Corrupt government officials should be thrown into the dungeons of lions and tigers alike.

Today, we live in a world of mediocrity. People seem to be satisfied with the average and mediocre things this life offers. "In the first place, why should work hard and excel if I am contented with what I have?", argues the person. This is foolishness. We are created for excellence. Each one of us has the potential to soar above the skies like an eagle. But one thing that we must always remember: just remain humble.

Now, what then? To you, my dear reader, I am telling you: you can make a difference. Do whatever is true, pure, and noble. You have your conscience. Use your conscience. You have your God. He created you according to His image. He may be your Guide always.
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