AMA Computer University Foundation Day

Christmas Party of my Rizal Class (December 15, 2007)

we really never know what we're really looking for

i do not know if you agree with me:
sometimes (and for others, often),
we really never know
what we're looking for
in this world...
we are bit confused..
as we go on with our life,
we mix up things and
confuse the fantasies withthe reality

The Great Oblation Run 2007

Here comes another day of showcasing some flesh to the world--with the blood of nationalism in the hearts of the participants--The Great Oblation Run.

Here's what Wikipedia says about this event:

Today, the Oblation is commemorated annually during the Oblation Run....
Members of the Alpha Phi Omega, one of the prominent U.P. fraternities, run around the campus naked (a concept
known as streaking).

This is also done to protest their sentiments about a current political
or economic situation. The date, December 16th, was selected in honor of the
International Founding of Alpha Phi Omega.

Contrary to popular belief, neophytes are forbidden to run. "All those who run are full-fledged members who have volunteered" are allowed to run, explains Ojie Santillan, the fraternity's Auxiliary Chancellor. "There is a misconception that the Oblation Run is something our neophytes have to undergo as part of their initiation. That’s not true. We never allow our applicants to join."

***Photos taken from****

The Makati Crisis Today

Here comes another coup d'etat.. Today, November 29, 2007 will forever be remembered by Filipinos. This date, for sure, will be part of the Philippine history books in the future... That another attempt to topple down the Chief Executive of the Republic of the Philippines, led by then Army officer, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.. Some call this Makati Crisis as The Manila Peninsula Seige for the reason that the coup takes place at this hotel.. Others call it The Manila Peninsula Mutiny and perhaps it was patterned after the The Oakwood Mutiny, which was also led by Trillanes last 2003..

The central theme of the Manila Peninsula Mutiny: calling for the ouster of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.. This issue is not new to us.. I just wonder why the group of Trillanes use the term "Magdalo" to refer themselves, same name the rebels during the Oakwood Mutiny used... If we are going to trace back the political history of the Philippines, the Magdalo group has been in questioned.. Magdalo has been one of the factions of the revolutionary forces during the American Regime headed by Emilio Aguinaldo.. And it was this group who was said to be the responsible for killing Andres Bonifacio, the Katipunan Supremo and the leader of the Magdiwang group... Why should the mutineers use this name? Is this a betrayal? I still don't know...

I just hope that this issue will be settled down as soon as possible.. This will surely affect our economy and political stability.. Trillanes has been part of the UP community, a student of public administration from the National College of Public Administration and Governance of U.P. Diliman... The former UP President Dodong Nemenzo was also present during the mutiny.. I do not know if he has a direct involvement, but he is a supporter (and an adviser to that matter) of Trillanes... As I watched the Breaking News of ABS-CBN, i began contemplating how U.P. shaped her students... Who is the founder of Moro National Liberation Front? Nur Misuari.. What about the Communist Party of the Philippines? It is Jose Maria Sison.. Both personalities were UP graduates and served their Alma Mater as professors... As an alumnus of this premiere university, I am so much concerned with how the students are train the way they should believe in, the way they should go in the later years of their lives...

Hope that we will live in peace, harmony, and prosperity and not chaos, economic and political instabilities..


Today, we live in a world that demands urgency. People are always in hurry. We want immediate gratification of our urges and desires. If not satisfied, we're hurt. Hence, we fail to enjoy the goodness of life.

Today, we live in a world of violence and chaos. Bombings in the diferent parts of the globe and suicidal attacks frighten the whole citizenry. To localized this scenario, malls such as Glorietta and SM have been the target of terrorist attacks. Worse than this was the blast that had happened just recently in the Batasan. Yes, even the House of Representatives of the Republic of the Philippines, which is supposed to have a tight security measures to protect our beloved legislators, is not free from such violence.

Today, we live in a world whose governments have been instruments of corruption. The moment we entered the society, we agreed to bound ourselves together for our betterment and thus establishing a government that would protect us and build a just and humane society and administration of justice. Unfortunately, more often than not, we are just blinded by the masquerades of those who occupy the bureaucracy. Corrupt government officials should be thrown into the dungeons of lions and tigers alike.

Today, we live in a world of mediocrity. People seem to be satisfied with the average and mediocre things this life offers. "In the first place, why should work hard and excel if I am contented with what I have?", argues the person. This is foolishness. We are created for excellence. Each one of us has the potential to soar above the skies like an eagle. But one thing that we must always remember: just remain humble.

Now, what then? To you, my dear reader, I am telling you: you can make a difference. Do whatever is true, pure, and noble. You have your conscience. Use your conscience. You have your God. He created you according to His image. He may be your Guide always.



*Delivered during the commencement exercises of Justimbaste – Remandaban National High School, Tabontabon, Leyte on the 30th day of March 2007

*Guest Speaker: Marlon Bignotea Raquel, Fellow (Master of Arts in Demography) of the University of the Philippines Population Institute, UP Diliman, Quezon City with the funding support from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Inc.

Thank you Ma’am Irene for your kind introduction. Our honorable Mayor Priscilla R. Justimbaste, our energetic secondary school principal, Mrs. Teresita V. Coquia, honored guests, parents, visitors, and most importantly, graduates of Class 2007 of Justimbaste-Remandaban National High School, warm greetings to each and every one of you.

In this memorable occasion of your life, I am honored to be asked to deliver a commencement address to you today. Actually, I was not expecting that I will be the one to speak before you. What I expect is that I will be the guest speaker next year, two years after my college graduation just as what Ma’am Coquia had told me once when we talked. When I bought my plane ticket, I was so excited that at last, I will be delivering a message as a guest speaker to the graduates of Jabong Elementary School where I graduated from, not realizing that my joy and excitement will be tripled later on when I was about to be informed that I would also be sharing a commencement address to you, young graduates of Justimbaste – Remandaban National High School. So I heartily extend my gratitude and thanksgiving to Ma’am Coquia and our teachers for choosing me as the guest speaker today. Thank you so much, Ma’am and Sir!

Current visions of preparing students for the 21st century advocate that students must be enabled and empowered in the present and for the future. The theme for this year's commencement exercises "Student Empowerment towards Greater Productivity (Lakas ng Kabataan Tungo sa Maunlad na Kinabukasan) is thus very timely. Filipino adolescents are growing in number. The latest 2000 Census counted 15.1 million adolescents aged 15-24 years old and is estimated to reach 30 million by 2030. Of 15.1 million adolescents, 62.8% ages 15-19 are studying in schools in 1994 and increased to 67.8% in 2002, as revealed by the Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality (YAFS) study conducted by the UP Population Institute in UP Dililan, Quezon City where I preently taking up my master's degree. These figures show that our parents have the unwavering desire to educate their children. I salute and congratulate our parents who are here today for their efforts despite cycles of economic difficulties experienced in the last few decades. You really deserve to be honored in this occasion.

As a political scientist brought up in UP environment, the word "power" is not new to me. We discussed it every class meeting. And even beyond the four corners of the classroom, power was often the center of our discussions. It is not the magical powers that you usually see in televisions such that of Super Twins or Power Rangers, or any other fantasy movie. Student empowerment has something to do with the ability of the studdents to take control over their lives and valued resources through development of social skills and allowing them to freely exercise their own powers and responsibilities. Teachers are encouraged to share powers with their students instead of dominating or controlling them. To our dear teachers, continue developing the potentials of your students. They need you. Empowering students is not just something that can be turned on and off but needs to be consistent and persuasive. I am very grateful to our dear teachers of this institution for helping me develop my skills--in both academic and leadership. Without them, I may not be here speaking before you today. They deserve honor and respect for inculcating the value of education to us.

To the graduates of Class 2007, I am so proud of you. Congratulations! You have completed high school education. Check that off to-do list, you’re off to great start but it is only high school. Your education and life has only begun. Remember the past days and years, look back and relish these memories forever, but don’t forget the future. Don’t linger in the past. It’s time, graduates, to move on towards bigger and better things, a brighter future.

I remember five years ago during our high school commencement exercise, in this same place, that one of my teachers (who is here today) gave me a bookmark after I delivered my valedictory address. A powerful quote is written on it which says, “Believe in God and believe in yourself, together you can do unbelievable things.” Imagine how this quote became a source of inspiration to me since that moment and until now. It became a guiding principle in my life. The Philippines, as a nation, has been known worldwide, as the only country in the whole continent of Asia which is pre-dominated by Christians. In fact, the latest 2000 Census reveals that about 85 percent of Filipinos are Christians. Personally, I am proud to be a Christian. I am thankful that God is always there for me. I went through a lot of difficulties when I was still a college student, but God has been my Helper and Comforter. (Share some life experiences.) No matter how intelligent, successful, famous, handsome or famous you are, if you don’t acknowledge God in your life, it makes no sense. To paraphrase the statement of the famous scientist Blaise Pascal, he said that if “I believe in God and you do not believe in His existence and it was proven that there is no God at all, then that’s okay. But if it will be proven that there is God Who sees every man in this vast universe, you’re the loser and I’m the winner.” To our dear graduates, as you go out the portals of your beloved Alma Mater, always remember to seek God in your life and make Him your topmost priority and all things you desire will go well with you.

The second part of the quote I just mentioned earlier says, “Believe in yourself.” Believing in yourself is very vital in order to accomplish what you want. Do not be afraid of the unknown. Extract the best of you. Strive for excellence. You’ve got your whole life in front of you. People won’t always be nice to you, things may not always come easy, and life won’t always be fair. It’s going to be tough times, I won’t lie, but you’ll get through, you’ll figure it out. (Share some life experience). Do not loose hope, please. Never give up. Keep trying. I know each and every one of you is an amazing person. I just hope that you will live up to the fullest potential and change the world. Do not be intimated by the people around you. Do not allow people to look down on you just because you are young, just because you are poor or just because you are not as intelligent as they are for they are just like you, running in a race called life journey. If your faith in God is as strong as a fortified city, and you firmly believe in yourself without a doubt, I am telling you right now: You can do unbelievable things – things you’ve never imagined before!

Be thankful to the people around you. You have to look back to the people who helped you and will be helping you build your dreams. I am the only one in the nine children of my family who completed a four year-bachelor’s degree in college. And as my father used to say, I just kept on going and going and going. Although I earned that privilege through hard work and perseverance, I know that I could not have succeeded without that great cloud of witnesses upon whose shoulders I stood. So please allow me to take this opportunity to thank the following people and institutions who have helped me a lot. First and foremost is my immediate family and relatives who tirelessly and unselfishly helping me throughout my 21 years of existence in this world of ours. I really salute my father and mother for the moral support they always give me especially in times of troubles. I also want to thank my friends here and abroad, Kuya Sean and Aaron of London, Raymond and JB of Taguig City, Jojo of Quezon City, Jay of Olongapo City, Kate of Eastern Samar, Jojo Ashser and Ate Alma of Canada, Rufino of Bulacan, Ate Hely and Marc of Caloocan City, Mark Lester of Catbalogan, James of Aklan, Kuya Tata of Davao City, Kuya Yuan of Laguna, Manong Russ of China, Jerome of Romblon, Kuya Josh of Misamis City, my other friends in Metro Manila, Rose and Gina of UP Diliman, Kuya Yel of San Juan, Mana Linda of Tacloban City, Kuya Matt of the United States, my spiritual leaders such as Ate Jean, Concepcion family, Ecija family, my church family, my Agape family, some employees and professors of UP Tacloban College, my teachers in both elementary and high school, our barangay captain, my barkadas, and even to complete strangers who became part of my life. I would also want to thank the entire Filipino people, through taxes paid to the government, for the scholarship I enjoyed for four years in UP Tacloban and just recently, to The David and Lucile Packard Foundation for awarding me a scholarship grant for my master’s study in the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City. I am indebted to all these persons and institutions who over the years saw something in me that I could not myself see, and gave me their support in time, in prayer, in guidance, in mentoring and in providing financial needs. I made this list to encourage you, our dear graduates, that no matter how successful you will be in the future, don’t ever, and ever forget to thank those people around you.

Throughout the rest of your lives, Class of 2007, you are going to be at the top of a decision, ready to take risk and something might hold you back. This moment is critical! Assess your fears! Sometimes you delay action in fear of getting hurt or fear of hurting someone else. Be smart! However, if your hesitation derives from fear of the unknown future, remember: the moment you all were born, everything was new; emotional and physical discoveries were made every second, and they still are. Taking risks is part of your life. If you are afraid of the unknown, the solution is simple: make it known! It’s called “getting educated”. I’m not just talking about math, English, or science – but those are important too – I’m talking about understanding the world, the mechanics of it – the society itself – and understanding yourself: goals, values, what you stand for, what you want to get out of life, what makes you happy. Once you think all these things quickly though, reassess your risk. You go through this process everyday. Should I try to live on my own? Should I get married? Should I go to college? Should I take the risk? Is it worth it? In high school, there have been some obstacles, some trials, and some risks. But now they’re over, look back, reflect, remember, and move on. You’re ready, graduates of Class 2007, to venture into the real world.

As an alumnus of this school, it makes me feel wonderful to know that our teachers, alumni, and other people’s achievements and investment will result in a remarkable contribution to our communities. As Filipinos, you are called to serve this nation. I am hopeful that you will carry forward the values of care, justice and commitment as you take the next step of your lives. Your diploma will be your passport to another step in higher educational system. Remember this: each one of you is a bright explosion in the universe about to take off for a destination beyond Justimbaste – Remandaban National High School.

I want to end my commencement address today with this exhortation: “BE A SHOOTING STAR FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!” Dream, believe, survive!

Thank you so much and once again, congratulations, graduates of Class 2007! God bless us all!


my spirit craves for the mother nature

October 2, 2007
Tuesday, 8:30 P.M.

i seldom go online for the past few days because of my "raket" or part-time work... this is quite a good start in life, haha.. i am a person full of dreams in this life... and i know i am capable of realizing those dreams - with the aid of the Divine Providence, with my family, and friends...

God is teaching me a new thing: i have to wok harder, believing that it is He Himself who will provide everything I need according to His riches... i am becoming more independent from people.. i had encountered onslaughts in the past, and i think they were enough for me to realize important things in this heavy, burdensome world... if i would shout words loud enough off the air, it would be: "Enough of problems! Enough of trials! Enough of broken relationships! Enough! Enough! Enough!" i am doing my best anyway...

do i have to learn how to become numb? emotion-less person? a strong one at least as a facade of the reality? perhaps yes... yes.... yes... i think i have to do that.....................

my shoes, full of water.... that rain.. i hate that rain... i hate typhoon "hanna"... i hate her... i don't love her anymore, unlike before... when i was still an innocent child, of that far-flung barrio... in one of the corners of th Philippines....

do i have to return to the nature which nurture my soul, my inner being? my spirit craves for you, oh mother nature!


September 18, 2007
Wednesday, 9:00 P.M.

I just stayed on my room for the rest of the day on this particular day. I was a little bit tired because of the birthday celebration I attended the last night. But then I decided to go home on the evening. I took my ride from UP to Philcoa by jeep and then I waited for an aircon bus going to Pasay. Unfortunately, no aircon bus passed by for almost 30 minutes so I didn’t have any choice but to take an ordinary bus (which has no aircon). I left from Philcoa at about 7:00 P.M. As usual, there was a built up traffic from Philcoa to Pasay taking the EDSA route. To get away from being bored, I got my cellphone, tuned it to an FM station, and then I had just listened the music in my favorite FM station (guess what’s this station, lol).

The bus arrived at Pasay at around 9:00. I was so hungry that time so I went to a carinderia to buy some food to eat. In the table of this particular food stall, I saw four kids who, by judging on their physical appearance, are that of the street children. They were wearing rugged clothes, no slippers, and obviously hungry. The two of them were carrying styrofoams where there were leftovers and they were eating it. I felt compassion for them. I would be very guilty if I would not give them some food to eat. I asked the saleslady or the carenderia attendant to give them some food and I would be the one to pay for their expenses.

As these four kids were eating, there were some flashbacks that registered on my mind. I remembered myself many times starved from food, from clothing, and from the basic things that a child should have. Though I didn’t experienced being a street child, I experienced asking for help from people to the point that I seemed to be a beggar, crying in front of people whom I was asking for help. And most of the times, people just ignored me and left false hope on my heart. The faces of my two younger brothers suddenly appeared on my mind as if they were in front of me. I always keep on telling myself that as much as possible, I don’t want my younger brothers to experience what these kids are experiencing and the experiences I had gone through in the past. I have to do hard work for my brothers. I love them so much.

As I looked at these kids, I can’t help myself but to cry from my heart. Though no tears actually fall from my eyes (there were many people there, it’s a high way, and I don’t want to cry in public, hehehe), these two mirrors of light got tired seeing these kids. While they were eating, I saw the happiness on their eyes, on their actions, on their laughs. I asked each kid’s name and they politely told me their names and called me “Kuya”. They kept on thanking me. I let them felt comfortable in front of me, and we had a great conversation. I found out that they were just living under the LRT station and they’re living without their parents here in Manila for they came from the provinces except for the one kid. After they ate, they volunteered to clean up the table. They put the trash on the proper place. As they were about to leave, I told them to always take care of themselves. And they responded by saying, “Marami pong salamat Kuya sa pagkain. Ikaw din, Kuya, ingat. Ingat sa biyahe.” I was so happy to hear these words from them, not because I want to earn praise but I could see the simplicity of their personalities and the kindness of their hearts.

These things prompted me to think while riding on the bus from Pasay until I arrived home in Cavite. What kind of future will these four street children be waiting? Or is there any future for them after all if this is the scenario? How I wish I could have helped them more. How I wish our government could properly address this kind of problem. How I wish their parents are responsible enough to take good care of their children. How I wish there is no poverty in this world.

May we all have compassion for people who are starving from the basic necessities of life, who are thirsty for love and affection, and who are longing for a sense of belongingness. May we, who are more fortunate than others, be not judgmental, self-centered, and selfish.

Let God intervene and may we, His creations, be channels of blessings to these kinds of people around us, even in the simplest way we know.

Isang Kwento ng Taong Walang Magawa sa Buhay

(This is my first time to write while I’m drunk.. There may be some grammatical errors here but that is not my concern in this writing.. I am just curious what the output would be.. Trip lang, p’re..)

I am writing this now because I don’t have anything in my mind to do except to write the following words and phrases, right now, at this very moment…

The East 2 Republic, as what our wing is called, is one of the eight wings in Ipil Residence Hall in UP Diliman. It is an all-male wing (homosexuals are also included of course, hehehe). Our wing is noted for having residents who are fun loving, intellectually minded persons (like the rest of the residence hall residents, haha), and ever united for a common cause. Some guys take master’s or Ph. D. studies in philosophy, environmental science, physical sciences, engineering, social sciences, and other courses. Others are students of law school while few are undergraduate students.

From 9:00 in the evening (September 17) until now (September 18 @ 12:30 am), we are celebrating for the three natality days of our wing mates, Kuya Reggie my dormmate, Adrian from Cebu, and Reagan our corridor representative and who hails from the island of Bohol. It is customary in our wing to prepare food and drinks whenever someone celebrates his birthday. There are many chicherias on the table and bottles of gin .We eat and drink. Kuya Liu got his digicam and we took lots of photo shots.

As usual, guys got drunk and started to discuss something, and in this occasion, it was all about sex. Topics range from sexual intercourse between a male and a female, homosexuality, bestiality, transgender, bisexuality, AIDS, sexual disorder and other sex topics. I participated on the discussion after three of my wing mates and I watched the movie of Albert Einstein, one of the greatest physicists in the world. I got two mugs of gin (yes, it’s my mug that I’m using right now while drinking, lol)…

I became interested in the discussion because I will participate as an interviewer in a research to be conducted this month about HIV/AIDS. The research is about assessing the vulnerabilities to HIV/AIDS of Filipino seafarers. This study is commissioned by the Department of Health with participation of the Asian Development Bank. I hope that I could get some ideas from the discussion. Well, I always cherish participating in the intellectual discussion in my dormitory. First of all, these guys are either taking their master’s or doctoral studies, and they are the best in their chosen field of studies, hahaha, and that most of them are raised in the UP environment where free reasoning, academic freedom and excellence are encouraged and maintained. So I am quite sure that I would gain insights from them.

Each of us shared what we had learned about the central issue, drawing whether from our personal experiences or just heard it from our professors or friends. Well, I don’t want to talk the details of our discussion (you may search in the net search the keywords that has something to do with sex, and you’ll find thousands of entries there)..

Ohh I hear them now laughing.. and I hear the sounds of glasses… I got tired of listening and talking so I walked out from the group, entered my room, and then begin typing these words you’re reading now.. Ohh, I feel weak and sleepy now, so I have to sleep now.. I’ll be at the computer laboratory tomorrow to do some work for my master’s thesis, parental home leaving of Filipino adolescents.. So shall I say gudnyt and gud morning to you? Well, have a great day today.. Smile and enjoy your life God gave you.. God bless you, dude!

former president estrada found guilty of plunder

The much awaited day arrived. Some people called it The Judgment Day. After six years of trial in the Sandiganbayan, the three justices proclaimed the verdict: Erap was found guilty of plunder. But he was, on the other hand, cleared of perjury case. He was sentenced for life imprisonment.

"I thought the role of justice would prevail here, but really, it's a kangaroo court.", says Estrada. For many Filipinos, especially the poor masses, the verdict has become an emotional stigma. "This is a sign that the Arroyo regime has no regard for the plight of the masses," said one of the protesters, Ver Tustauuio. "Erap is the symbol of the dreams and aspirations of the Filipino masses."

Both camps have their sentiments. Anti Erap supporters perhaps be "happy" for the verdict. But whatever it is, we must move on. Our country needs everyone of us.

For the military and police, sobrang OA yata kayo ngayon. Is Madame President afraid of another EDSA Uprising, the same uprising that put her in power?


Sa bawat araw na pakikisalamuha sa lipunan,
iba't ibang mukha ang ating nasisilayan.
Dito umiinog ang ating mga buhay.
Bawat isa ay umuukit ng kapalaran sa lipunang ginagalawan.

--The King's Rebel--

Are you losing hope for your nation?


--The King's Rebel--

different religions??

don't you ever wonder why so many religions exist today? christianity and islam sprung up from judaism... roman catholics and evangelicals are called Christians.. cults exist.. the worship of idols and nature abounds.. animistic religion flourish.. some resort to withcraft and astrology.. it is thus a reality that people want something in their life that can never be satisfied with money, fame, sex, relationship.. they're looking for something spiritual

the establishment of religions of various kinds, as i observed, is a sign that people from all walks of life is in search for some kind of spiritual force that will satisfy them... i am not pinpointing which religion preach the true message, and which ones are not.. others may just be masquerades of light that will eventually fall into destruction.. religion offers hope and satisfaction money can't... people are binded with common faith.. faith has become the basic element to which the belief of a person is founded..

These pictures are for vegetarians

death of my friend's brother: bone cancer

tuesday last week, a brother of my closest friend in my hometown passed away in a disease: bone cancer... for one year, he was under medical observation and treatment in Philippine General Hospital... just last june this year, his father (the barangay captain of our barrio) told us that his son will be returning on the first week of june because he was already well... to our surprise, we were again told that he's already dying! it was such a depressing moment for all of us who knew him personally... he has not yet reached the age of 30 when he died... an electrical engineer, he used to work in an electric cooperative... a consistent first honor student from grade I to grade VI and graduated salutatorian in high school.. even in his college days, he made a lot of accomplishments... my friend was crying when he was informed that his brother died... i felt the guiltiness that i wasn't able to visit his brother in the hospital... i just hope that i was there physically to encourage him.. jonas has been my best buddy when i was still in the province.. he always listens when i have problems.. my whole family grieved for what had happened.. they were close family friends of ours.. my friend asked me in a text message if it was the right time for his brother to die... because he believed it's not yet time... God has a purpose for everything that is happening in each person's life.. we may not understand it right away, but He will make it understand for us.. it's hard to lose a loved one... my prayer is that jonas' whole family will be able to cope up with the death of their loved one and go on with their lives as they take the journey of life...

"Much of life can never be explained but only witnessed." - Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

NAIROBI (AFP) - A baby hippopotamus that survived the tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast has formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise, in an animal facility in the port city of Mom bassa , officials said.

The hippopotamus, nicknamed
Owen and weighing about 300 kilograms (650 pounds), was swept down Sabaki River into the Indian Ocean , then forced back to shore when tsunami waves struck the Kenyan coast on December 26, before wildlife rangers rescued him.

"It is incredible. A-less-than-a-year-old hippo has adopted a male tortoise, about a century old, and the tortoise seems to be very happy with being a 'mother'," ecologist Paula Kahumbu, who is in charge of Lafarge Park , told AFP.

"After it was swept and lost its mother, the hippo was traumatized. It had to look for something to be a surrogate mother. Fortunately, it landed on the tortoise and established a strong bond. They swim, eat and sleep together," the ecologist added. "The hippo follows the tortoise exactly the way it follows its mother. If somebody approaches the tortoise, the hippo becomes aggressive, as if protecting its biological mother," Kahumbu added.

"The hippo is a young baby, he was left at a very tender age and by nature, hippos are social animals that like to stay with their mothers for four years," he explained.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

This is a real story that shows that our differences don't matter much when we need the comfort of another. We could all learn a lesson from these two creatures of God, Look beyond the differences and find a way to walk the path together.

Save the Earth... it's the only planet with chocolate!

What Most of Us Don't Know

I received these pictures in an email sent to me by a friend. I was touched so I think that it would be a good idea to upload these pictures here in my website. My purpose is that anyone who will visit my site and see these things will have their minds open to these realities. Ultimately, make some steps for the betterment of the oppressed, the disadvantage, and the marginalized.

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