My little worries - Master of Arts in Demography

Inside a passenger bus on my home to Tacloban

I feel the release of stress and worries after submitting all my requirements today. This semester is my first semester in UP Diliman for my MA degree. I feel the pressure in my studies for being a scholar from a certain research foundation. As stipulated in the fellowship contract, every scholar should maintain a grade of 2.0 or better for EVERY subject, or else, the fellowship will be terminated.

Maintaining my grades is one of my worries. I really find it hard to do. Perhaps I still don't have focus. I still don't have a clear goal for my life. For one thing, I didn't have the plan to pursue a master's degree. I was just driven by the opportunity.

But anyway, I'm so much thankful to a lot of people, especially my friends here in Manila and Kuya Sean, who helped me in one way or the other throughout the semester. With their help, I was able to survive and ease the burden on my shoulders.

Now my question is: Will I make it in maintaining my grades? What if I'll get grade of 2.25? What will I do next semester? I just hope and pray that it will not happen to me. But if my scholarship will be terminated, well, I have to accept my fate. I just leave everything to God and trust Him. God is so good and gracious to me always.


UP Los Banos Escapades with Friends

Our first picture shot in UP Los Banos - Jojo and I

Say 'cheeezzzzzzeeeeee!!!!!! - Rose, Me, and Kuya Yuan
Jojo, me, and Yuan the Lakas-Angkan.. Hihihi.. Ang lakas talaga ng angkan nila.. :-) Jojo, what are you looking at?
Jojo on the right and Rose on the left, pwede ring baliktarin.. Jojo on the left and Rose on the right.. Basta ako i'm @ the middle.. Hehehe!

I am a model of a certain brand of umbrella! See? Hmmmm, look at my left hand... Bad boy.. LOL! :-) at International Rice Research Institute (IIRI) in UP Los Banos, Laguna....

Man does not live by bread alone.. Pinakain ko pa ang school of fish (ang mga mahilig mag-correct jan sa grammar, etc, etc, hala, i-korek niyo na ako, hehehe)...

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