Every Seat You Take for only 688 pesos for domestic flights

Cebu Pacific, Philippines' low cost airline, offers P688 only (base fare) for domestic flights.

TRAVEL PERIOD: FEB. 15 - MAY 31, 2015

If you're flying from Manila/Cebu terminals to any local destinations, you will only pay a one way fare of P335.52 which includes the following:

  • From Manila/Cebu Station
  • Base Fare P688
  • Web Admin Fee P120
  • 12% VAT P96.96
  • Terminal Fee P200 (MNL) / P220 (CEB)

  • One Way Fare P1,104.96*(from MNL)
  • One Way Fare P1,124.96* (from CEB)
  • *Only for flights coming from Manila/Cebu, Exclusive of Php 15 Aviation Security Fee for flights exiting from/transiting in Cebu.
  • From non-Manila/non-Cebu Stations
  • Base Fare P688
  • Web Admin Fee P120
  • 12% VAT P96.96
  • ASF P15

  • One Way Fare
  • **Exclusive of Terminal fees ranging from Php50 - Php200

 Take note, Cebu Pacific DOES NOT CHARGE FUEL SURCHARGE ANYMORE which amounts to P400.00. Guddah!
To book a flight, visit Cebu Pacific's website. Click here to BOOK NOW!

LANI Scholarship Application for the Second Semester, SY 2014-2015

Acceptance of Applications  for the SECOND SEMESTER  SY 2014-2015

First Batch:        Nov 03  -  17, 2014
Second Batch:   Dec 10  - 17, 2014                       
                               Jan  05 – 14, 2015                      

Third Batch :   Feb 16 – 27,  2015 

For TUP-Taguig  Nov  05 – 12, 2014 only
For PUP-Taguig  March 04 – 11, 2015 only

Source: www.taguig.gov.ph

Taguig City Hotlines or Contact Numbers

Taguig City Hall Trunkline / HOTLINE 555-7800 Police Radio Patrol 642-3582
Fire Department 542-3695 / 642-9982 Police Taguig Mobile Patrol 640-7046
Fire Volunteer 521-8450 / 160-16 Public Order & Safety Police 642-1261
FTI Fire Department 837-0740 / 837-4496 Traffic Enforcement Unit 838-4301 loc 7112
Lake / River Patrol 628-1377 Taguig Environmental Police 642-7557 Office House
Office of Social Welfare & Development 542-3693 Traffic Management Office 640-7006 24/7 operation
PNP Taguig TOC COP 642-2060 Taguig-Pateros District Hospital 837-2144 Medical Assistance
Investigation 542-4015 Taguig Rescue Hotline 623-5244 24/7 operation
Police 117 / Emergency 1623 Taguig Emergency Hotline 165-7777

A birthday celebration of my professor

Sunday afternoon I received a text message from my professor (who is the vice president for administration and finance in a certain university) inviting me to attend his 44th birthday celebration today - Wednesday. At that moment, I felt blessed and happy. I thought everyone was invited but when I arrived at the venue, only four of his students were invited. The rest of the visitors are his colleagues from different universities and government officials.
I gave him a simple gift and I just hope he will like it.

A rainy day before Christmas

t’s four o’clock in the Morning now (+8), 24th of December 2014 and it’s raining outside. Well, I hope snow falls but we’re far from the north/south pole so it’s impossible. I just bought a ticket online. I’ll have a 5-day vacation outside of the metropolitan area. It’s far from pollution – from air and noise pollution to be specific.
One day before +Christmas , hmmmm. I feel excited about it, you know. People are so busy doing different kind of stuffs. And I am not an exception because I attended several Christmas parties last week and I am also busy buying things (most are gifts).
That's all for now, folks!

3 days before Christmas

Everyone is excited about the Christmas season. It seems that everybody is busy shopping and preparing Christmas trees, gifts, and other stuff. I am not really an exception. In the Philippines, it is said that we have the longest celebration of the season. It actually starts on September when people begin to prepare their Christmas trees. As years passed by, the celebration extends until the first week of January the following year.
How's everyone by the way? It's been quite a while since I posted my last article. Well, I have submitted two missing redemption payments in one writing site and until now, they're still missing. I hope to receive that before 2014 ends.
Happy holidays!

Typhoon Ruby left 20 dead

The Philippines has hit by another typhoon few days ago which left around 20 people dead, as reported by several media outlets. Typhoon Ruby , with international name Hagupit , is expected to leave the Philippine area of responsibility (PAR) by Thursday morning. As of today, its wind strength is at 55 kilometers per hour and is heading towards West Philippine Sea .
Just a year ago, over 10,000 people died because of Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) mostly in Eastern Visayas. The tropical country is situated in the Pacific where most typhoons occur.

The Significance of Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram play a crucial role nowadays; therefore, these social networking sites must be utilized. Any social marketer needs to be resourceful; enough to succeed. Allocation of appropriate resources for media, outreach, and research must be taken into consideration as well.

The use of social media is likewise cost-efficient and cost-effective.

I would like to raise two questions to all social marketers. One is how can the campaign sustain behavior into the future? Second is how can the campaign leave a legacy? These two relevant questions must be addressed properly in its context. 

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* Photo courtesy of  www.huffingtonpost.com

Why Spurs Won the Game

The main reason why Spurs won was the team effort of the players lead by their point guard Mr. Tony Parker and the rest of the team, as well as the coaching staff of coach pop. That’s their secret in winning. The two veterans Manu Ginnobili and Tim Duncan have done a huge part on that matter. It was the consistency of Tim and being fearless of Manu on the hard court. Lastly, their finals MVP Mr. Kawhi Leonard, of his scoring ability and defensive stops against Miami Star player Lebron James contributed much on their success.

That was a nice game also of the Miami Heat team. Congratulations to them as well.
 Again, congratulations to San Antonio Spurs for winning the championship against Miami, 4 over 1 series.

***This is a re-post from my Bubblews blog. 
*** Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Random Photos (Benguet-Ifugao-Mountain Province Summer Adventure)