Ang lamig ng aircon dito sa classroom!!!! Hay, nahihirapan talaga ako sa SPSS class na 'to.. Huhuhuhu!! I don't have my own computer.. Buti pa ung mga classmates ko, may software sila ng SPSS.. Haay, life is life.. Kaya ko 'to.. because God is with me.. hehehe...

Recently, medio naging madrama ang buhay ko (as usual, since the beginning of time, LOL).. hehehe... but im happy because JB came into my life.. I just hope na maging mabuti akong Kuya sa kanya.. I appreciate this man a lot..

anyway, sa mga mahal kong mambabasa, salamat at binibigyan niyo ng pansin ang mga pinagsusulat ko dito.. at least, nararamdaman ko ang inyong pagmamahal.. wahahahaha! pano, uuwi na ako.. tapos na class ko ngayon.. oy, september na pala.. kaya pala ang lamig-lamig dito sa classroom.. e 'ber' na pala next time.. ang lamig ng simoy ng hangin..

hay, rose and gina are waiting outside the room.. rose will treat me for a dinner tonight.. salamat rose! hehehe.. God bless you more!



Rose, I appreciate you!
Thanks for coming into my life.
I just hope that some day, or in the very near future,
I will be the one to help you in any way I can.
Thank you that you understand my situation.
Thank you for your help.
I will not forget those acts of kindness of yours.
Thank you for the friendship you offered to me.
Thank you for allowing me to enter into your life.
Thank you!



A True Friend
- Socrates


n ancient Greece, Socrates was reputed to hold knowledge in high esteem. One day one fellow met the great philosopher and said, "Do you know what I just heard about your friend?". "Hold on a minute," Socrates replied. "Before telling me anything I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test.". "Triple filter?". "That's right," Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you're going to say. That's why I call it the triple filter test. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?" "No," the man said, "actually I just heard about it and...". "All right," said Socrates. "So you don't know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?" . "No, on the contrary...". "So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him, but you're not certain it's true. You may still pass the test though, because there's one filter left: the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?" "No, not really." "Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?"

Well we can always participate in loose talks to curb our boredom. But when it comes to you friends its not worth it. Always avoid talking behind the back about your near and dear friends.


UP students stage ‘special edition’ of Oblation Run

First posted 11:37pm (Mla time) Aug 28, 2006
By DJ Yap

Editor's Note: Published on Page A18 of the August 29, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

But unlike previous runs, yesterday’s “Ritual Dance of the Brave” was dedicated to one person: Gonzalez.

“We want to show him (Gonzalez) what Oblation Run really means. It’s not plain exhibitionism. We just want to call attention to issues facing UP and the nation,” said Max Quijano, grand chancellor of UP Alphi Phi Omega fraternity, the organizer.

The fraternity was reacting to statements made by Gonzalez over the weekend describing the state university as a “breeding ground” of destabilizers and naked men running around the campus.

Gonzalez had said of APO: “I doff my hat to them because they initiate the running of naked people … That’s also one kind of culture that they develop there.”

Quijano said the justice secretary’s statements painted an almost sordid picture of the Oblation Run, contrary to the spirit of free thought and scholastic independence that it seeks to preserve.

“When we run, we’re upholding academic freedom. This is not about UP having lost its values and morals. It’s about the students fighting for what they believe in,” Quijano said.

“The Oblation Run has become almost like a tradition at UP. It’s an event in which we make a stand about issues involving not just the students, but the Filipino people,” he added.

He said the fraternity held an emergency meeting on Sunday to address Gonzalez’s remarks. It was decided at the meeting that a special Oblation Run would be staged to show the UP community that the fraternity was not going to take the justice secretary’s remarks sitting down, Quijano said.

Though the fraternity members had little time to publicize the event, hundreds of students still turned up at the Palma Hall for a glimpse of the streakers.

Cameras flashed and shrieks filled the air when the fraternity men streamed into the hall at past noon. Marshals surrounded the streakers and kept them a safe distance away from the crowd, which numbered about 500.

With only white shirts covering their faces, the young men ran around the hall with raised fists as onlookers cheered them on. They ran around twice on the ground floor before converging at their “tambayan” (hangout) where they sang their fraternity song.

Just before they arrived, student leaders led the crowd in chanting slogans such as “Edukasyon, edukasyon, karapatan ng mamamayan (Education, the people’s right).”

University Student Council chair Juan Paolo Alfonso said Gonzalez’s statements could foreshadow a renewed “clampdown” on militant activism on campus.

“Perhaps his statements are meant to justify future plans of repression here. That may even include decreasing the already low state subsidy for the UP system,” he said.

“The UP gives us an independent, nationalist education. Here, we’re only taught what is true, and we fight only for what we believe to be true. If they call that destabilization, then it’s probably they who are trying to cover up the truth,” Alfonso added.

He said that UP students do not owe the government anything, since the funding it receives comes from the purses of taxpayers—the people that graduates of the university should serve.

The Oblation Run started as a prank in 1977 when five members ran on the campus wearing nothing but masks to promote the fraternity-sponsored play, “Hubad na Bayani” (Naked Hero), a political satire on Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorial rule. Since then, the run has become a highly anticipated event, attracting hundreds of students and visitors every year.

Last year, the run generated a minor controversy when two naked young women wearing wigs and masks suddenly appeared and posed for cameras. They carried placards saying: “Equal rights for women.” APO later said they had no hand in the women’s appearance, adding that the fraternity did not sanction women streakers.

In 2000, the naked runners called for the resignation of then President Estrada. The Oblation Run has also become an avenue of protest for such issues as fraternity violence, illegal drugs and acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome (AIDS).



Jeremiah 10: 24

So correct me, LORD, but please be gentle.

Do not correct me in anger, for I would die.



Now I understand...
why God did not kill me when I sinned against Him.
I prayed that He may spare me from His wrath,
for I know that when He pour the cup of anger on me
I will surely die.

Now I understand...
that God really sees the condition of man's heart.
I cried, "Lord, correct me but please be gentle!"
He disciplined me in love and not in anger.

Thank You, Jesus for mediating me to the Father.
You are my Advocate, my Bestfriend, and Counselor,
It is because of Your love for me that I'm still living.
Now I understand...



Proverbs 14 (NIV)

Each heart knows its own bitterness,

and no one else can share its joy.

13 Even in laughter the heart may ache,
and joy may end in grief.

26 He who fears the LORD has a secure fortress,
and for his children it will be a refuge.

30 A heart at peace gives life to the body,
but envy rots the bones.


If we know our position in Christ,
If we know who we are in the eyes of God,
If we know that we were bought with a price,
Then we are secure in Him.

We will not be worrying with our relationships;
We will not be shaken with trials and problems;
We will not doubt the love of God and others for us;
We will not focus on ourselves that we forget the needs of others.

Then we will live at peace and joy.
We will enjoy this life God has given to us.
We will cherish every moment of our life.
We will praise and thank Him for everything He has done for us.




Monday night when Jojo and I decided to visit Aaron at his place in Laguna, two hours ride by bus. That was 7:45 in the evening. I have an exam on Friday but I decided to meet Aaron. He would be going back to London again on August 28, and I might not see him again, lol. Kuya Sean introduced him to us (as usual), :-) I have fun with him. I enjoyed being with him, and I know he enjoyed too being with us. Hehehe..

I didn't expect that I would be too close to Aaron (am I, bunso?, LOL). We call him our bunso (bunso means "youngest" in the birth order), though he has no siblings. We stayed at his house for two nights and three days. Our routine: talking, eating, watching movies, and dramatic acting! Hahaha.. Well, we have lot of pictures stored in our cellphones.. You can request the pix if you want to.. :-)

I was really amazed by him.. He has lots of talents.. He is good in singing, dancing, playing the piano, etc.. At his young age, he is able to serve the Lord through his church where he plays the piano during the worship service, etc..

I will truly miss him.. I am happy that he could feel my love even in my simple ways of acts.. Hope to see him next year if God allows.. It's September already next month and he has to go back to London for his studies.. September is the start of classes there, unlike here that starts in June..

Bunso, God bless you.. Yeah, I'll promise you: I willl not forget you.. It's good that we have internet now, so can chat regularly, or else we'll be forced to send snail mails to each other.. LOL!




I dig the deepest parts of the earth;

And I reach at its core.

I found something in it:

Mines in the midst of solitude.


The UP Oblation

he There is one role the profit-oriented knowledge institutions cannot take from the university: as a "center of wisdom," where wisdom is understood as the capacity to use one's knowledge and experience to arrive at a good judgement or a sound decision; where wisdom means the foresight and concern for the next generations. Only an authentic university has the organization, scope of learning and academic freedom to nurture wisdom.

--UP President Francisco Nemenzo

It is in this University where I was educated for four years in college.. and now, andito na naman ako for my master's degree.. I've learned a lot of things from my alma mater.. I am proud to be a UPian.. Dito nahubog ang aking pagkakakilanlan bilang isang indibidwal na malaya, may mga karapatan, at obligasyon sa bayan..

Tingnan mo ang istatwa ng Oblation. Ito ang pinakaimportanteng sagisag ng para sa mga mag-aaral ng UP. I just want to quote the following
article from a website regarding the Oblation:

"In 1935, UP president Rafael Palma commissioned Guillermo Tolentino for the sculpture, with a request that the work be based on the second stanza of Jose Rizal’s “Mi Ultimo Adios.” That passage is replete with references to giving up one’s life for the country. Thus you have the outstretched arms, face looking toward the sky, almost evocative of the way Rizal himself was martyred.

The statue is actually concrete but it was painted to make it look like bronze. It cost all of 2,000 pesos, a hefty sum at that time, raised within two months from contributions of students and staff at the university.

Tolentino describes the statue, all the way down to “closed eyes and parted lips murmuring a prayer,” to represent “all the unknown heroes who fell during the night.” The base, filled with rocks, is supposed to represent the rugged Philippine archipelago. The rocks came from the town of Montalban, outside Manila, site of a fierce battle between Filipino guerrillas and the Japanese army during the last world war.

Also at the base is katakataka — literally, the plant that startles. Also known as siempreviva (always living), the plant is known for the way it shoots up, even from a leaf. Tolentino says this symbolizes “the deep-rooted patriotism in the heart of our heroes. Such patriotism continually and forever grows anywhere…”

It’s amazing how much symbolism went into the statue, all the way up to its height: 3.5 meters, to represent 350 years of Spanish rule. (You may have wondered, as I did, why there wasn’t another half a meter for 50 years of American rule, but the Oblation was put up in 1935, when we had become a Commonwealth but were still under the Americans.)
There are inscriptions on all four sides of the statue’s pedestal. On the front panel is an excerpt from Jose Rizal’s “El Filibusterismo,” a passage from Padre Florentino, asking where are the youth ready to offer their lives and their aspirations for the country? The good padre warns that only those without reservations should dare to offer those aspirations.

At the back of the statue is one stanza from Rizal’s “Mi Ultimo Adios,” again referring to the giving of one’s life, “in combat or in martyrdom.” Still another stanza from that poem appears on the right side of the statue, again talking about offering one’s life, “without doubts, without sorrow.”

Finally, perhaps anticipating debates that were to come in the 1970s about who our national hero should be, is a poem, “Pagibig sa Tinubuang Lupa” (Love for One’s Homeland), by Andres Bonifacio. Again, Bonifacio calls for patriotism, offering “dugo, yaman, dunong, katiisa’t pagod, buhay” (blood, wealth, knowledge, perseverance and untiring effort, and life)."


My heart is beating fast.
There's a sound of a drum.
I am panting
Fast and continuous
Like a thirsty deer.

---King's Rebel--


I am not doing great these days with my studies.. And I'm worried with my performance. Yesterday, I took my midterm exam in SPSS.. And i could say that what i've done was really poor. I do not have my own computer so i can't practice SPSS on my own.. It's really hard. I am the only one in my Demo 225 class who doesn't have personal computer, so the rest could practice SPSS everytime they want. :-(

I am afraid that my scholarship will be terminated if i will not get a grade of 2.0 at the end of the semester. I don't know what to do. Since last night, I am not at ease. I don't feel comfortable. I keep on thinking about my midterm exam. God help me. Sometimes I doubt if I can finish my MA.

But I just want to thank Rose and Gina for comforting me last night. Hehehe.. For the encouragements and for the fun I had with you. At least, you made me smile and remind me of God's promises.

Only God knows what the best of me. Hope I can do all these things through His grace.



There Is Only One God?
By Jeff MacKay

The invisible world has a strong hold on the culture of Japan; it affects the people's worldview and their concept of God.

When I first came to Japan I felt helpless. I sensed the spiritual fortresses of the country and was aware that I was powerless to break through them.

I often asked myself questions like these: "Why is it that when a Japanese person gives his or her life to Jesus Christ it is often an act of desperation?" "Why do Japanese people usually have to come to the end of their rope before they convert?" "Why do they attend church services for many months before being baptized?"

I repeatedly encountered reactions like the following from people I would talk with about Jesus: "Impossible!" This was Shigeki's response when he first heard the story about the Resurrection. Even though he had gone to the Shinto shrine and the Buddhist temple to offer prayers, he never sincerely believed there was a God.

"Although I went to those places, I was not sure what to believe," he told me. "I just wanted to get blessings or good fortune."

When Satoyo first heard the gospel of Jesus Christ she thought it was just a make-believe story. "I believed gods were in the trees and stones. I believed my ancestors became gods watching over me, and that the gods protected me," Satoyo explained.

When I asked her what she thought when she used to go to the temple, she said: "I believed God would not answer my prayers only because I prayed; He would answer according to my behavior."

The Invisible World
Shigeki and Satoyo are now Christians. But it took years for them to understand and accept many concepts about Jesus Christ that Christians in the West take for granted.

Imagine, for example, if you were asked to attend a Buddhist temple for religious services. You might go because of interest or curiosity, but it would be difficult for you to understand all that was going on at first. Just as Asians' concept of religion is foreign to us Americans, so our concept of God is foreign to them.

The Asian worldview is different from ours in three ways.

First, Asians have no concept of the world being created or having a beginning. Buddhism teaches a circular existence--reality has always been--and people and all living creatures are reincarnated. So the creation of the Earth, and especially that God Himself created the world, are not concepts in Eastern religion.

Second, to Asians the idea of Jesus dying for our sins seems unnecessary and His resurrection seems fictional. In Japanese the word for sin means "criminal." So, for the Japanese, the following reaction to Jesus' dying on the cross for their sins is common: "Why do I need Jesus to die for me? I am not a criminal."

Similarly, the idea of Jesus being resurrected from the dead is like a fairy tale or legend to the Japanese. "It didn't really happen, did it?" would be their response.

Third, the Eastern concept of the unseen world makes the need to believe in Jesus' deity less important. This is perhaps the most difficult problem to overcome. The Asian view of the spiritual world is pluralistic; they have a belief in spirits, both bad and good, who live in trees, mountains, caves and rocks.

Ancestor worship is included as part of their spiritual beliefs as well. Spirits and ancestors can be asked to grant favors. This spiritual worldview affects them dramatically.

Changing Their Worldview
Upon my arrival in Japan God gave me two words of instruction. The first was, "Pray for the people to come." I did, and they came! The second was, "God will do the work." I live by these words. And I have learned that the way God does the work is through "friendship evangelism."

Shigeki is a good example of how God works in this way. He told me the story of what happened after one of his friends at college in Tokyo told him about God.

"She was a new Christian and wanted to share her faith with me," he related. "I first rejected her suggestions to read the Bible and go to church. Being Japanese, I had bought a few Buddhist books and read them. I had been looking for the meaning of life since I had become a college student, but I couldn't find the answer in those Buddhist books.

"In 1982, several months after my friend shared her faith, I encountered God personally. He encouraged me, saying: 'You say you cannot do anything. But you have eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to hold, legs to walk and a head to think. You can do something with them.'
Shigeki continued: "I didn't know what to do in the future and was in despair. I knew at that moment it was God talking to me. After reading the Bible and finding out that Jesus is the Son of God, I decided to follow Him and get baptized in 1985."

For Shigeki, this was a three-year process. Since giving his life to Jesus, he has graduated from Life Pacific College (formerly LIFE Bible College) and Fuller Theological Seminary. He is now the senior pastor of Nanae Zion Church and also serves as the board secretary of Japan Foursquare Gospel Church.

As missionaries, we build relationships; we hold fun events and invite people to church. We teach basic concepts during conversations and in our sermons at church.

For example, we teach about the one and only God who created our universe and rules all. When this gap is closed, the Japanese person can more easily come to Christ.

We don't pressure them. We wait. And sure enough, just before our beach baptisms in the summer, more of them get baptized. It may have taken years, but now is their time.

Jeff MacKay and his wife, Naoko, have been missionaries to Japan for eight years. They have three children: Rachel, Sarah and Joseph.




 At Word Community Church in Olongapo City

 At Word Community Church in Pasig City

Last Sunday, I attended the worship service at Word Community Church in Pasig City with some of my friends. I couldn't remember the specific topic the pastor had preached but there were three things that stick to my mind: take risk, let go, and trust. These things were not the much-emphasized things during the preaching but these were included in the powerpoint presentation.

Let me just present here my thoughts about these things. All of these seem to be commands or requests.

By taking risks, we are opening ourselves to change. It is the accepting of the need for change and it is taking the behavioral steps that will result in that change. Almost for two years that I really struggled in taking the risk to change. My heart says "I need to change! I want to be changed!" But I was simply afraid to undergo changes. Taking risks exposes one's self into the light. It means that we heartily accept the consequences of our actions. You are gambling relationships or people. I know what actions are required to do. I have had fears because those actions would definitely affect others negatively. And it made me feel guilty.

Letting go is more difficult to do, right? We want to cling more on persons and on our relationships with them that we don't want them to lose. We tend to be defensive. We're afraid to sacrifice our time and our ability to make the circumstances better. But this is exactly what God wants for us. And it's really hard. But we have to obey if we want to be changed.

Trusting is the ability not to worry of what might happen after you take the risks and let go of certain things or relationships. It is a demonstration of your trust in the other person's willingness to accept an honest, open, and upfront approach to resolving the conflict. It is believing in God's promise that He is ready to help you in your problems. Trust is the absence of worry, an absence of fear in your heart.

Take risk, let go, and trust.


It's really great to be with a friend who value you as a person, as a friend, and as a brother. I enjoyed going around the SM Mall of Asia with Jojo. Well, that was my first time to visit the place and I was really amazed. as in, my eyes kept on rolling... :-) It's really a big place and whew! When we entered in the entrance door, there's some force of cold wind that's trying to block our way in entering the mall. LOL! Juz joking.. :-)
I've heard that malls in the Philippines are better off than that of Korea, Indonesia, and other Asian countries. I wonder why most Filipinos can afford to go to malls and buy something while the poverty incidence in the country is very high. Sounds contradictory, right? Or perhaps we are just luxurious? Hmmm, that could be one. Hehehe.. Another is the plain truth that Filipinos love to hang out with their friends and have fun with them.. and in urban cities like Manila, it's common to see people in malls.

After we "tour" around the mall, :-)... actually, we we're not able to go to the other areas inside the mall, hehehe we walked along the bay area.. and it's really nice there! awesome! the mall is near the sea.. jojo told me that the area of which the mall is situated is actually a part of the sea before (or the seashore perhaps, shallow part of the sea).. they just put rocks and soil on it.. while we're walking, we could see happy hearts and souls (lol) under the shades of the coconut trees.. you know what i mean.. lovers! hehehe.. but there are others too who just hang out there and enjoy the foul odor of the air coming from the sea.. joke!

we have seen a lot of small creatures/insects in the rocks and they were in clusters.. jojo said "yuck!!!!!" when he saw them.. hehehe.. we don't know what are those cute little insects until i asked a guy there and he told us that they are "mga ipis ng dagat".. wow! ang galing.. meaning, these are the cockroaches of the sea! wehehehe... so that means, there are house cockroaches, land cockroaches, and air cockroaches... hehehe... and we also saw some crabs there, hiding in the rocks.. bad for jojo, he wasn't able to walk and jump on the top of the rocks because he's afraid he might get slide... he's wearing shoes.. and me? i always wear the beggar's clothes! hehehe.. term ni jojo sa ganon: yagit! hehehe... i had my slippers so it's easy for me to have that adventures while jojo was just watching me... hehehe!

there were few people in the Manila Bay (by the way, that's the name of the bay/sea, hehehe) who were catching "tahong"... mussels... and others were fishing.. perhaps for leisure.. i asked the people there, talk with them.. hehehe.. you know, i could always talk to people and i initiate the discussion... hehehe... and jojo took a pic of me using his phone.. thanks jojo! you're the man! :-)

after an hour, jojo told me that... that.... that..... he's already angry! i mean, hungry! hehehe.... typographical error.. hehehe... so we went back to the mall and eat the chairs there to satisfy our hungerness... lol! after that, we've watched the pipz down there (we're on the 2nd floor, am i right jojo?) in the ice kating court.. and he really want to play icekating, but for some reasons, we can't do the icekating... hehehe..

well, well, well i am glad that i'd already visited the SM Mall of Asia.. and Jojo and I agreed to visit the place again with other friends some other time, preferably during the night because we think it's more enjoying to spend time there during nighttime.. thanks a lot jojo! you are one of a kind.. i will cherish every moment that we're together.. hehehe.. you are a godly man, a man of integrity, an intellectual, a guy full of potentials.. you're a good and dear friend to me.. a brother, my bugto..

let's keep our eyes unto Jesus and not on each other's personalities.. and im quite sure our friendship will be firm and last for eternity.. :-) kitams! if and only if God is the center of our friendship!

thanks for everything!


Jojo and I were both fascinated with the place. I could just say that we can compete with our neighboring countries in terms of malls--high technology, sophisticated, the big area, etc.. etc..


I received the test paper today for our first examination in Statistics for Social Sciences 201 subject. I was sad of the result :-( I got a score of 78 out of 100 items. The passing is 60, so I made it. Fellows like me have to get 80 of all the three 100-item exams throughout the semester to maintain my fellowship grant (in this subject). And I only got 78, two points plus to make it 80. We were all actually worrying that we will not pass the exam. But fortunately, none of us failed. However, I do not feel okay since I got my test paper and until now, my heart is worrying and I am not at ease. I approached my professor and she told me about that. She tried to re-check my paper hoping that she could find possible correct answers. She might escape some items or what. But sad to say, there's no additional point for me. She then told me that I need to get 82 in the second exam to make the average 80, which is equal to 2.0 grade. I have studied my lessons. When I examined my test paper, there was a 3-point item there that the answer was so easy. But because of my carelessness, I wrote the answer mistakenly. Instead of 0.3857, I wrote it as 38.57%! Well, these two figures have the same value, but proportion is asked in the test and not the percentage. :-( I if answered it correctly, I should get a score of 81.

Lesson learned: look at the questions carefully. Well, I have nothing to do now to change the actual score for this particular test. But I can still improve my performance in the second exam. May the good Lord help me. God is teaching me not to worry too much. You know, I am not comfortable when I get score below of what is required even when I was still in elementary. Sometimes, I cry :-) Hehehe...

But yes, I can do this, with God's help.. :-) Please pray for me.




I find this Sunday a more exciting day. I attended worship service at the Word Community Church in Pasig City (the church where some of our movie artists fellowship like Celia Rodriguez), together with my friends Jojo, Jay, Mark, Raymond, and James. Actually it was my first time to meet James. Jay introduced him to us. He's from Aklan, and he's working now in an auditing firm somewhere in Ortigas Center. By the way, he's an accountant. And my first impression about this guy? He's easy to go along with! :-) Well, he also came from the Visayas area so I could easily relate with such people.

After the service, we ate at a food court in SM Megamall. We texted some other friends to come along with us like Kuya Yel and Rufino, but only Kuya Yel came. Jay met with Al-jay and they talked some serious things (Al-jay asked a prayer request: that he could find a girlfriend asap, lol!) while Jojo and I were counting the number of people passing by in front of us in the Cinema 5 in Gateway Mall. Hehehe..

And hey, incidentally Kuya Yel saw another friend (Kuya Mickoy) while in his way to Cinema 5 to meet us so he then invited him too to see us. Wow! So we have some sort of get-together today. We took pictures using Jay's camera phone.. and you know what? No one wants to be the camera man! Everyone wants to be included in the pix! Hehehe.. So Kuya Yel approached a girl standing by.. the window... joke.. to took pictures of us.

After that, the group departed and the three of us (Jojo, Jay, and I) went to Jojo's house.. What did we do afterward? Chat with the master of all the unggoys who is residing in London (peace, kuya sean!), talk with nonsense things, joke, and hmmmmm, right now, making a blog entry for today..

That's all! I am happy today, because God makes me happy.. :-) So smile everyday and pray! okay?


Wanna Try Climbing a Coconut Tree?

This particular coconut tree is planted just in front of my sister's house. The mananggete (the person on the tree), is my distant relative. His name is Rico. Mananggete refers to a coconut tree climber who makes tuba, a native liquor similar to lambanog of the Ilocos. The tuba gatherer cuts the coconut flower into thin slices and wraps it with a piece of cloth. After two weeks or so, he'll climb the tree again and gets the sap or juice of the coconut flower and store it for months until it becomes a tuba. Tuba is a favorite native wine in Leyte.

In the provinces throughout the Philippines, it is common to see numerous coconut trees everywhere. Don't you know that our country is the largest coconut-producing country in the whole world?? Yeah! So this is something that Filipinos must be proud of.

Coconut trees have already been part of people's lives. Yes! It's as if you can't live without it. In fact, others considered these trees their life. Coconut farming, along with rice farming and racing livestock, is the primary source of income for most Filipinos. I grew up in a rural community where my municipality is classified as 5th class municipality. Well, if we say 5th class, it's not yet a progressive community. So you could see vast lands planted with coconut trees.

During my childhood and teenage years, I usually spent my time climbing coconut trees, picking up fruits, and enjoying the taste of fresh buko with my friends (and foes, too). Joke! I don't have enemies, hehehe. I am a peace-keeper. Would you believe that I could climb very high coconut trees? Hmmm, 50 feet high? Well, I inherited some genetic characteristics of Spiderman, so I could climb up easily. It's really nice to do such stuff. Exciting and you'll feel the panting and fast beating of your heart. But hey, it's very dangerous! If you want to see me climbing in a very tall coconut tree, or you want to eat fresh buko, and you want to experience life in the province, just text me or send a message to my email, okay?? :-) We'll settle that. 



Happiness is a very subjective factor in one's life. When I got a slot on scholarship, my sisters weren't happy at all. Why? Because that means I would not be working but would focus my time on my graduate studies. I completely understand them. My family expects a lot from me. But for me, I was very happy. Getting a scholarship grant is not that easy plus the fact that I would be studying in the premier university of the country.

Being happy doesn't depend on achieving what you want, but rather making the best out of what is given. I've known persons who are rich, yet they are not happy. Some are successful in their chosen careers but what you can see on them are sad, empty faces and hearts. I have my own story of successes. There are times that I don't feel happy, not until I learned to enjoy what is given to me and what I have achieved.

Life isn't fair, it never was. The only thing that can make you completely happy is contentment. Be contented on what you have, but be sure to aim high and never stop believing that you can do better every time. But if all else fails, don't forget that an ordinary you has an extraordinary God to back you up.


UP An Balangaw Performing Arts Group

Four years ago....

Naalala ko 'yong performing arts group na sinalihan ko nong second year college pa lang ako.. I will never forget my experiences I had with the people in this group.. lahat astig!

Hulaan mo kaya kung nas'an ako sa picture na 'to (the one who's holding a cellphone).. Ang cute-cute ko nung college pa lang ako.. Inosente pa kasi ako e.. hahaha.. walang nalalaman kundi ang mga pilosopiya nina Aristotle, Plato, at Socrates.. tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. Ngayon, acute na.. pina-acute ng panahon.. how i wish i remain cute.. now, don't be mislead.. i'm not talking here of physical cuteness.. of facial cuteness.. hehehe.. pero puede rin.. e ano? secret!!! malalaman mo rin

i've learned a lot from our instructor.. pero di ko na lang sasabihin dito ha.. hehehe... she's wearing a purple dress in the pic.. walang iba kundi si Propesor Alegre. Siya rin ang Direktor ng Leyte-Samar Heritage Center.. mapagmahal sa sariling kultura si mam.. i really salute her.. in fact, her only child, who is a boy, was named Lakan Uhay.. sounds weird? hehehe.. Lakans used to rule the kingdoms or barangays in the old-time Philippines, prior to the coming of the Spaniards.. they belong to the royal blood.. Uhay is a Waray term for rice stalk.. so when you combine Lakan Uhay, the name suggests a kingly rice stalk.. joke!! hehehe.. btw, i don't know what's the history behind that name.. one thing i'm sure with it: my professor-instructor was proud when she gave that name to his child..

anyway, that's my blog for today... wala lang, bigla ko lang kasi naisip ang Balangaw na 'to.. it had and still contributing to the enrichment of the Waray culture in Region 8.. Ibig sabihin nga pala ng balangaw is rainbow.. with different colors.. hahahaha

hay, may pasok na naman ako mamayang 1:00 ng hapon hanggang 7:00 ng gabi.. grabe na 'to!!!!! i'm tired of studying already.. but i will not give up.. wehehehe...

First Words... First Thoughts

haay, ang dami-daming websites ngayon na nagsusulputan offering free blog posting.. anyway, maganda 'to kasi nahahasa ang ating imahinasyon at pagsusulat ng kung anu-anong kalokohan at kabutihan.. hehehe
anyway, this is my first time to post a blog here sa mabuhay ang! hehehe... 'san ko ba unang nakita ang site na 'to?? hmmm... i was searching for a foursquare something in the net dito sa my beloved computer laboratory and i found a blog of a certain foursquare church pastor.. aba, user pala si pastor! hehehe.. kaya, nagkainteres akong subukan 'to.. eto na nga ang resulta.. hehehehe

take a look at my pic.. contemplative, right?? hehehe.. that's one of my characteristics, contemplative.. nabubuhay ako sa ganun.. thinking, and thinking, and thinking.. di ba ikaw rin? sout ko pa ang damit ni Mr. Simpsons.. tingnan mo, there's the Simpsons family.. nanonood ako nito palagi.................. pag pumupunta sa bahay ng isang kaibigan ko na may cable TV.. wahahaha.. may ginawa kami ditong maraming kalokohan... look at my eyes.. look at my skin.. look at my heart.. look at me! talaga ang barkada.. maraming trippings, pero masaya naman di ba? at least, our unsatisfied longings within the deepest parts of our hearts are satisfied sa pamamagitan nila, tama? dapat mag-agree ka lang sa akin ngaun a.. bayaan mo na ako.. blog ko naman ito eh.. hehehe

katatapos ko lang gawin ngaun ang assignment ko sa Demo 225... demo ha as in demo.. demonstration, demons-traitors, etc, etc... watevahhh... btw, Demography 225 under the ever batikang propesor ng UP Population Institute.. i will not mention the professor's name na lang.. baka mabasa niya ito at lumapad ang kanyang atay.. mahirap na.. wawoooo... i salute you prof! :-) ang hirap ng mga assignments namin (lalo na sa akin na wala na ngang sariling computer, hindi pa nag-aaral.. joke!!!) im just joking.. hehehe.. baka mabasa 'to ng The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, tanggalan pa ako ng scholarship ko sa MA.. hehehe.. di na tuloy ako Fellow nun..

since first time kong gumawa ng blog dito, may premyo ang first 10 repapips na makakabasa nito.. kaya basa na! hindi ko sasabihin ang prize ha.. hehehehe... ilalagay ko ang address na to sa prendster ko o di kaya sa christianster o di kaya sa... sa... sa... kahit saan!

haaay, life is really life... wehehehe! walang kabuluhan 'no ang pinagsusulat ko dito??? kakalungkot naman... pero sa ganang akin (naks! ang lalim ng tagalog ko..), may kabukuhan , este, kabuluhan (typo error) ang lahat ng bagay.. nasa perspektibo lang natin yan mga 'tol.. kaya, tuloy pa rin natin ang laban

kung anuman ang problem mo ngayon, pare at mare, wag kang bibitaw a.. kung walang nagmamahal sau, i-email mo lang ako o di kaya i-text, at handa kitang mahalin..hahaha! siyempre bilang isang totoong kaibigan.. wala kasi akong pinipili.. kahit na plastik o hindi, bato o bulak man ang puso, kahit na sino, basta nilalang dito sa mundo.. narito ang email add ko: A
t ang number ko naman ay 09216791452.. nagbabaka-sakali lang ako na makatulong.. malungkot din ako minsan e.. hehehe.. ayan, masaya na ako... ang gulo ko 'no.. sige lang, with same hearts and minds, we will go forward and claim the prize..

may panawagan lang ako sau.. oo, ikaw.. ikaw na kasalukuyang nagbabasa ngayon.. wag kang mapapagod na magbasa ng mga sulat ko dito a.. palagi mo akong babasahin.. palagi mo akong iisipin.. palagi mo akong aalalahanin.. at babasahin din kita.. iisipin din kita.. at aalalahanin din kita.. symbiotic dapat di ba..

o chige, ba-bye na.. magsasara na kasi ang computer laboratory dito e.. wala naman akong pera para pambayad sa mga computer rentals.. ibibili ko na lang ng pagkain kay manang ung ibabayad ko.. busog pa ako

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