Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Winners


Bb Pilipinas – Universe: Bb 25 Mary Jean Lastimosa
Bb Pilipinas – Intercontinental: Bb 13 Kris Janson
Bb Pilipinas – Supranational: Bb 35 Yvethe Marie Santiago
Bb Pilipinas – Tourism: Bb 4 Parul Shah
Bb Pilipinas – International: Bb 22 Mary Anne Guidotti
1st runner up: Bb 11 Laura Lehmann
2nd-runner up: Bb 27 Hannah Sison

Cebu Pacific Piso Fare for Domestic and International Flights until March 9 only!

Cebu Pacific, Philippines' low cost airline, offers PISO FARE (base fare) for domestic and international flights. This is a treat for every Juan in 18 years in the business of Cebu Pacific.
Sale Period: Until March 9, 2014 only or until seats last
Travel Period: September 1 - December 15, 2014 

If you're flying from Manila/Cebu terminals to any local destinations, you will only pay a one way fare of P335.52 which includes the following:

BASE FARE - 1.00
12% VAT - 14.52
ADMIN FEE - 120.00
and exclusive of Fuel Surcharge ranging from P200.00-550.00 depending on your local destination. 
If you're flying from non-Manila/non-Cebu stations to any local destinations, you will only pay a one way fare of P150.52 which includes the following:

Base Fare - P1.00
Admin Fee - 120.00
12% VAT - 14.52
ASF - 15.00

Plus a terminal fee of P75.00 (in Tacloban Airport).
For International Flights 
Bali, Bangkok, Beijing, Brunei, Busan, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Incheon, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Lumpur, Macau, Osaka, Phuket, Shanghai, Siem Reap, Singapore, Taipei, Xiamen:
Base fare is P1.00 as well and an admin fee of P120.00 exclusive of Terminal Fees ranging from Php 450 - Php 550, Fuel Surcharge ranging from Php 440 – Php 4,840, Php 1,620 Travel Tax and Country Specific Taxes ranging from Php 403 - Php 1,250.
To book a flight, visit Cebu Pacific's website. Click here to BOOK NOW!
Source: Cebu Pacific Website


Smart Communications Offers as much as 50% Off for iPhones

The  biggest deal this month for iPhones is here with Smart Communications' All Must Go Gadget Sale! This is only for Postpaid plan. According to the website of Smart, the company offers several options for customers. I posted here the screenshots of these offers. Take a look at them. 

Discounts and Privileges of SM Cinema e-Plus Tap to Pay Card

I have just renewed my e-Plus Tap to Pay card from SM Cinema which costs P100.00 only. What benefits will you get with this card? Here's some:

1. 50% discount on select SM Cinema exclusive movies

2. Special lane in Snack Time counters and SM Cinema ticket booths

3. Get FREE invites to exclusive promos and events

4. Year-round online promos, seasonal offers and raffles

5. Gadgets, trips, tickets and premium items up for grabs

6. Special discount on all tickets, games and shoe rentals in the following:

-SM Bowling
-SM Ice Skating
-SM Storyland
-Science Discovery Center

Bubblews Earnings Update: $11.80 after 7 Days

This is my second update on Bubblews earnings. 

For seven days, I earned $11.80 dollars or around 540 pesos in Philippine currency. Not bad for a newbie like me. As of March 4 (7th day), I have 57 short posts, received 287 likes from around the world, 770 page views, and 25 comments. 

I am looking forward to receive my $50 very soon. The minimum payout is $50. 

Keep earning!

If you are interested to earn money through Bubblews, PLEASE CLICK HERE. No investment required! All you need to do is be patient, write, and write, and write!

How to Earn Points from Your e-Plus Tap to Pay Card

e-Plus Tap to Pay Card of SM Cinema is becoming more popular. With the recent FREE MOVIE MARATHON, the marketing people of SM Cinema surely hits the target.

One thing that I like with this card is that it earns points. The pointing system is as follows:

If you watch at SM Cinema,

1 Regular Ticket = 1 point
1 Digital 3D Ticket = 3 points
1 Director's Club Ticket = 4 points
1 IMAX Hollywood Ticket = 4 points

And if you buy snacks at Snack Time, you'll earn 1 point for every P100 worth of purchase.

One can get extra points during special movie offerings and featured snack treats.

With your points, you would be able to redeem exciting and exclusive items using e-Plus Tap to Pay Loyalty Points. Great, right!

I love this Monday morning!

I love this day. This is another day of my life, and I want to thank the Lord for giving me a new day. Not everyone has the opportunity to live another day. Whatever you do and wherever you may go, always put in your heart that God is in control of everything. You may not see and feel it now, but later on you would be able to do so.

When we are given chances, we ought to take these chances as opportunities in life. And just like I said, not everyone is given another chance. Make friends. I really appreciate Bubblews for this. I may not have seen my 81 connections here but I am glad that there are people who appreciate other people, yes, even in social networking sites.

Good Monday morning, everyone and I hope that you'll enjoy the rest of the day!

Bubblews Earnings: I Earned $6.60 After 5 Days of Bubbling

Screenshot from The Bank of my Bubblews Account

Few hours after I signed up Bubblews, I was able to earn $2.20. From then on, I started making connections with fellow netizens around the world. As of this writing,  I have posted 33 articles, received 426 page views, and connected to 81 friends. That entitles me to earned $6.60 or an equivalent of around 300 Philippine pesos. Not bad for a newbie like me. 

Bubblews accepts any kind of write-ups as long as these articles are original. The good thing is that Bubblews only requires 400 characters (NOT words)! 

So, if you love writing poems, news, or any kind of essays, sign up now and start earning! You spend a lot of hours 'Facebooking' without earning, so why not try this one? You won't pay anything (except your monthly internet bill). You can click here in my referral link. 

BlogStat Update 1: Google Chrome Browser and Windows Operating System dominate

Starting this week, I will be posting updates on three blog statistics of my blog, Anything Under the Sky. Data comes from Blogger.

Above are screenshots from the user interface of my Blogger account. As indicated, majority (51%) of those who visit my blog use Google Chrome, followed by Internet Explorer (23%) and Mozilla Firefox (15%). The remaining percentage is shared by other types of browsers such as Safari, BingPreview, and the rest. 

Majority of the users are based in the Philippines (769 page visits) and United States (318). 84% of the visitors have used Windows as their operating system. 

Data is from February 21-28, 2014. After one week, I will be posting again for the update and let's see if there are changes on these blog statistics.

Happy blogging!
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