One of the leaders of the crusade against government corruption and a staunch promoter of social reforms in the Philippines is Maria Ana Consuelo Abad Santos Madrigal.

She is from a family of nation-builders and public servants. She is the granddaughter of a national hero and martyr, Supreme Court Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos. Her granduncle, Assemblyman Pedro Abad Santos, was the father and founder of the Socialist Party of the Philippines and a well-known defender of the poor and the oppressed. Her paternal grandfather is Senator Vicente Madrigal, a businessman., industrialist, and one of the Philippine Republic’s elected senators in 1949. Her aunt, Senator Pacita Madrigal-Gonzales—a senator during the Quezon and Magsaysay administrations—was the first Administrator of the Social Welfare Administration, the predecessor of today’s Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Even before she became a senator, she had set up numerous foundations to help the Filipino people. The Books-for-the-Barangay Foundation, Inc. has shipped more than P2.5 billion worth of books for Philippine public elementary and high schools. The Abad Santos Madrigal Foundation, Inc. empowers women and children through relevant and accessible livelihood programs. As of February 2006, its flagship project, the Basic Reflexology Training Program has trained more than 10,000 reflexology therapists nationwide. The ABLE Foundation, Inc., meanwhile, has been providing scholarships to poor deserving youth for years now. She also served as a Presidential Adviser for Children’s Affairs during the term of President Joseph Estrada.

Today, as Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations, as well as the Committee on Cultural Communities, Senator Madrigal has filed bills that are responsive to the needs of women and youth in the areas of education, juvenile justice, gender equality, and women empowerment. Her main thrusts are anti-trafficking and anti-pornography measures to protect the rights of women and children. She has authored bills for the protection of the indigenous peoples and their ancestral domains. She has also filed bills to advance nationalist economics, advance the protection of the environment and prevent large scale exploitation and plunder.

Working for the welfare of the country and fighting for the human rights of the Filipino people is a tough job for a member of the Senate. In her struggle to fight for genuine reforms, she was subjected to the indignity of being at the receiving end of the Manila Police water cannons while attending a religious procession on 14 October 2005 along with other political activists. She has also initiated the filing of complaints before the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) against human rights abuses in the Philippines, and joined other advocates in filing cases before the Supreme Court of the Philippines to question the legitimacy of actions taken by the executive department on fundamental rights and liberties.

The Official Website of Jamby Madrigal


An Old Family Picture

The following is a narration of one of my experiences in farming . I was born to a typical poor Filipino family living in a far-flung area. As an agricultural community, my family's source if income is derived from farming. It would take 24 hours to travel from Metro Manila to Leyte by bus and about an hour by plane. This narration is written in Waray language.

Dyes anyos na an nakakalabay. Tuig 1999. Trese anyos an ak panuigon. Duro an turo han uran. Makaharadlok nga kikilat ngan dalugdog. Alas dos pala han kulop pero baga na hin gab-i. Mahagkot hin duro. Baga ak hin sisip-onon ngan hihirantan. Ginkikit-an ko hi Tatay, singkwenta anyos na an panuigon, nga nagtutukdo hin usa ka burta nga inani nga humay. Tikang ha hagna, kinahanglan namon tambakon ha may harani han pinaka-highway nga dalan an am mga inani para matreser na. Harayo nam ginbibinaktas tikadto tikanhi. Hi Nanay nagtutukdo gihap hin burta hin humay. Halbo hin duro an hagna. Oppps! Nahipakulob hi JR, an puto ha magburugto, ikasiyam nga anak nira Tatay ngan Nanay. Mga sais anyos pala an iya panuigon hadto nga mga panahon. An iya tinukdo nga humay nagkahudlog ha kali. Diri hiya ginapaupod ha hagna pero mapirit gud nga bata. Baka hin ginkukunot an ak kasingkasing han mga hinkikit-an ko. Hi Marvin, an sumunod ha akon, in padayon la nga naglalakat para makaabot na hiya didto han tambakan han humay. Makakapahuway gihap hiya bisan pira la ka minuto. Karuyag ko tumuok. Maguol na. Pero damu pa an nakatambak nga mga uhay han humay ha hagna. Makaradlok pa an mga linta nga danay nadukot ha ak panit. Kay ano nga gin-anak kami nga pobre? Kunta nagin riko hira Tatay ngan Nanay. Bumagisbis ha ak mga mata an luha han kapobrehan. Ginkukurian hi Tatay pagtinukdo-tukdo. Diri na malinaw an iya mga mata. May katarata hiya. Hi Nanay bisan kon waray la reklamo, maaram ako nga gingugul-an na hiya. Nahipakulob ak hin pira ka beses. Puno hin lusak an lawas pati na an nawong. Nahangad ak ha langit ngan nagpapakiana ha Ginoo hin damu nga mga butang. Di ak maaram. Basta an ak nakadi ha huna, bubuhaton ko an ngatanan para diri na kami magtinukdo-tukdo hin mga humay ha halbo nga hagna.



Senator Dick Gordon’s track record in public service is one for the books.

As Mayor of Olongapo City, he brought order not only to the streets of his city but also to the lives of his people. Mayor Dick Gordon stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of Olongapo, shoveling the ashfall, and recovering what was left of their lives. With him at the helm, they rebuilt their city and their lives, later becoming a model city for peace and order, health care, education, livelihood, and good governance.

After the US Military Base closed in November 1992, he inspired and empowered the local population and a fleet of young professionals from here and abroad, and turned Subic Bay into the country’s showcase for economic progress, bringing in billions in investments and creating almost 100,000 jobs. World leaders like Margaret Thatcher, Dr. Mahatir Mohammad, and U.S. President Bill Clinton came to Subic to see the miracle that was the great transformation – and they came away impressed. So with the 18 APEC head of economies during the 4th Leaders’ Summit held thereat.

While he was the author of the success that is the Subic Bay Freeport, a twist of events took him away, but in time brought him towards a call to serve more people, this time as Secretary of Tourism. He knew that tourism was the country’s ticket to development – the fastest way to progress. Through his “Wow Philippines” campaign, the country became well-known abroad, and tourists started coming. Despite the challenges of the times, with the removal from office of the sitting president, the SARS outbreak, the Oakwood mutiny, the Dos Palmas kidnapping, and numerous bombings, not to mention the global terrorism problem, Secretary Gordon kept tourism afloat. In doing so, he lived up to his mantra – “tourism means jobs; where tourism advances, poverty retreats.”

So great was his contribution to the tourism industry that its players begged him not to run for Senator in 2004. But the road has led him to the Philippine Senate, perhaps not the ideal place for a man of action, a man who wants to see results for the people now. Yet, he has distinguished himself as a prolific lawmaker, an advocate of legislation that seek to uplift our people and our country. He is the main author and advocate of an Automated Election System law. Through this system, Senator Gordon hopes to leave our people with elections that are clean, honest, fair, and credible. The Tourism Bill, signed into law recently, is also a result of Senator Gordon’s years of hard work advocating tourism development for our country. He is also the principal author of the Veterans Equity Law. And as Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee, he has shown that he is one who is never afraid to take a stand on any issue, firm but fair, serious and sincere.

Senator Gordon has held many positions, and succeeded beyond expectation at every single one of them. But I think that the job he loves the most is one that he has held for over forty years – his job as a volunteer of the Philippine National Red Cross. Today, he is its Chairman, and is a Governor of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, but his commitment and dedication to this organization and the work that it does goes far beyond title and position. In fact, in everything that he does, Senator Gordon goes beyond himself. We have seen him, above and beyond the call of duty, saving lives here in our own province as with Cabanatuan, Bulacan, Albay, Negros Occidental, Iloilo, Leyte, and Aurora, among many others throughout the years. Wherever there is a disaster or calamity, you can be sure that he is there, always first, always ready, always there often endangering his own life, defying his family, in order to alleviate other people’s suffering and uplift human dignity. And when the disaster is over, count on him to be there to help rebuild the community. In recent months, people have seen him in the news because of the Red Cross kidnapping crisis. People have seen him passionate, aggressive, sad, sometimes even angry. If he has appeared emotional, it is because he is a leader who truly cares – the captain of a ship who treats all of his men like they are his own children, because to him every life matters and is worthy of every effort, attention, compassion, and caring that he can give – no matter what anybody else says.

Senator Gordon is a leader with a vision for the future of his people, and a clear strategy to get them there. He is a leader who has made change, and change for the better. He has brought dignity and hope to his people and has motivated and inspired others to go in the right direction, and he, along with everybody, has sacrificed much to get there. In everything he has done, he has seen for his people a new country – a Bagumbayan. He has brought them out of the darkness and into the light. And now, he calls everyone to break free of their own limitations to chase after the horizon, to step into the light, grab hold of their own future, and finally build a nation that is enabled, ennobled and free.

The Official Website of the Senate of the Philippines 



“Not only is Rizal the most prominent man of his own people but the greatest man the Malayan race has produced. ” -Ferdinand Blumentritt, 1897

Today we commemorate the 113th death anniversary of Dr. Jose P. Rizal, a national hero of the Philippines. His military trial and execution in December 30, 1896 in the hands of Spaniards made him a martyr of the Philippine Revolution. His writings inspired Andres Bonifacio and other Filipino revolutionaries to fight against Spanish colonization. I admire him for his bravery. Without this character, he would not sacrifice himself in the hands of the oppressors. He could have leave the country and enjoy the sweetness of life in the lands beyond Philippine seas. He did leave but with a mission. We owe the freedom that we are enjoying now to Rizal and other Filipino patriots. Let his words of wisdom remain in our hearts forever and may we be able to traslate them into actions for the betterment of the Filipino society. 

President Arroyo will lead the nationwide celebration in Ilocos Sur today. Expected government officials who will be joining in the celebration are Deputy National Security Adviser Luis “Chavit” Singson, House Deputy Speaker Eric D. Singson, Congressman Ronald V. Singson, Governor Deogracias Victor B. Savellano, Vigan City Mayor Eva Marie Singson Medina, and other local officials, AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Victor Ibrado, PNP chief Director General Jesus Verzosa, Philippine Army chief Lt. Gen. Delfin Bangit, Philippine Air Force chief Lt. Gen. Oscar Rabena, Philippine Navy chief Vice Admiral Ferdinand Golez, National Historical Institute (NHI) Executive Director Ludovico Badoy, Presidential Assistant for Region 1 Enrie Mendoza, Nothern Luzon Command chief Lt. Gen. Ricardo David, and Police Regional Office 1 director Chief Superintendent Romeo Gatan.

Mabuhay si Dr. Jose P. Rizal!



Showing 7 of 22 photos during the massacre in Maguindanao in southern Philippines. All people behind this merciless massacre should pay for the lives they have killed.



Senator Noynoy Aquino is running for the presidency in May 2010 elections of the Republic of the Philippines under Liberal Party. His running mate is Senator Mar Roxas.


Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” C. Aquino III has always viewed politics as a necessary vehicle for change, a perspective he formed early in life through the examples set by both of his parents.

In 1998, he ran for a seat in the House of Representatives and won. He would serve as Congressman of the 2nd District of Tarlac until 2007.

In his nine years at the Lower House, Noynoy focused on the fiscalizing role of a legislator. He felt that there were already too many laws, and good ones at that, but they seemingly lacked proper implementation. He concentrated on crafting laws that would help create opportunity rather than impose additional burdens to those who are already disadvantaged. He actively took part in budget deliberations to ensure that government initiatives do address the plight of the people who need help the most.

His commitment to continue the legacy of his parents was evident in his performance. In November 2004, he became Deputy House Speaker of Luzon, but he relinquished the post when he joined leaders of the Liberal Party (LP) in calling for the resignation of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the height of the “Hello Garci” scandal. To him, it was easier to give up the position than abandon his duty to hold accountable those who do wrong.

In May 2007, he ran for Senator and won, placing 6th in the national elections. He chairs the Senate Committee on Local Government, and is also the vice-chairperson of the Committee on Justice and Human Rights. He had been determined to ensure that his key legislative initiatives would bear fruit and to see them through until the end of his term.

However, fate had other plans for him. The passing of his mother, former President Cory Aquino, stirred a long-dormant yearning for good leadership. Filipinos from all walks of life, here and abroad, began to look at Noynoy as the new hope for a better Philippines. The groundswell calling for him to run for President became too loud to ignore, and eventually overcame his reluctance.

In his letter from prison many years ago, Ninoy said to Noynoy, “Son, the ball is now in your hands.”

Today, the people want the future back into their own hands and Noynoy will not let them down.

His critics say he merely trades on his good name and skeptics consider him a lightweight. Rivals accuse him of wrongdoing despite a clearly unblemished record. Noynoy’s detractors have been busy trying to bring him down, but their efforts have only allowed him to improve his popularity.

Noynoy is an economist by education, a lawmaker by vocation. He is an audiophile, history buff, marksman and self-taught billiards sharpie. He is a loving brother and uncle, and a steadfast friend. He is also destined to be the one to finally lead our country towards a brighter future.

“There is no greater nation than our Motherland. No greater people than our own. Serve them with all your heart, with all your might and with all your strength.” – Ninoy Aquino in a letter to his only son Noynoy.

The Official Website of Sen. Noynoy Aquino



A day before Christmas four people were found dead and 23 passengers were still missing when MV Catalina B collided with a fishing boat in the waters of Manila Bay. The vessel was carrying 73 people on a journey from Manila to Mindoro island.

Just last night, three days later, another sea tragedy happened when MV Baleno-9 sunk leaving 6 people dead and at least 20 passengers missing.

What's happening to the Philippines? It seems that nature is against us. Floods killed hundreds of Filipinos during Typhoon Ondoy and Typhoon Peping. Hundreds of families in different parts of Metro Manila were left homeless after fires consumed all their properties. Mayon Volcano is posing a threat to the people of Albay, prompting the government to evacuate thousands of people living within the 8-km radius dangerous area. And just recently, we have two maritime disasters.

Who is to be blamed? The Philippine government headed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for not firing Sec. Leandro Mendoza and his subordinates of the Department of Transportation and Communication? As you would know, there has always been failures on implementing rules and regulations in the maritime industry. Critics say that under Mendoza's administration, there has been little improvement in the enforcement of these rules.

Or the weather? This is the common excuse - an scapegoat to hide the incompetence of some maritime officials.



The pictures above are the 8 of 22 photos I received in my email from a friend. Let us all pray for justice for all the victims.



Strange as it may seem due to religion, Nur Misuari, the founding chairman of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) publicly support Bro. Eddie Villanueva in the latter's bid for the Philippine presidency in 2010 elections. And not only this, Misuari is running as governor in ARMM under the Bangon Pilipinas Party, which Villanueva himself as its standard bearer.

Misuari graduated in the University of the Philippines Diliman, became a professor in Political Science in the same university, until he formed the Moro National Liberation Front which sought political  reforms from the Philippine government. MNLF is accredited by the Organization of Islamic Conference and is the ruling party in Autonomous in Muslim Mindanao. He was also a former governor of ARMM.

The former ARMM governor said, "I have decided, after pondering over and over again for quite a long period of time, to associate myself with our presidential candidate Brother Eddie Villanueva and his party. I saw that among all the presidential aspirants Brother Eddie is the only one who has credibility.”

He also believes that Bro. Eddie and his party would help solve the conflicts between the Bangsamoro people and the Philippine governemnt. “We firmly believe that Bro. Eddie Villanueva and Bangon Pilipinas Party will solve the lingering problems in Mindanao,” Misuari said.

Misuari and the mainstream faction of MNLF is the first group of Muslims who publicly supported Villanueva. With this progress, Bangon Pilipinas Party is hoping to get thousands of votes from Muslims for Bro. Eddie.


Maguindanao Massacre Photos Part 1

I received an email showing these picures on Maguindanao massacre in Mindanao. Karumal-dumal na krimen! Showing here are the 7 of 22 photos I received through email.I do not know exactly the sources of these pictures.

Mindanao church leaders endorsed Bro. Eddie Villanueva as their presidential candidate

Bro. Eddie Villanueva, the standard bearer of Bangon Pilipinas Party, gets the support of Baptist Philippines, INc., a 36,000-strong coalition of church leaders in Mindanao.

Dr. Claro Loquias of Believers’ Action Towards Prosperity, Truth, Integrity for the State’s Transformation (Baptist) Philippines Incorporated said that "Bro. Eddie is our official candidate in 2010." he further stated that a “Genuine change that could bring about the much needed national emancipation from poverty could only come from a leader who fears God and loves his fellow man. Thus, we give our full support to Bro. Eddie.”

More than100 pastors from the Davao Pentecostal Fellowship of Ministers, an umbrella organization of different Pentecostal churches in Davao and over 500 church leaders in Digos and Tagum City also issued their statements of support for the presidential bid of Villanueva.

What is interesting in this scenario is that this is the first time that the evangelical churches in Mindanao issued a unanimous decision to publicly support a presidential candidate.  I think other umbrella organizations of different churches should also follow the steps taken by these organizations.


“Magandang Tanghali po, ako po si Luzviminda Cortez mula sa Camarines

Sur, sumalangit na po ang inyong kaluluwa!” -Miss Gay Philippines candidate during the parade of candidates
In the Mata ng Bayan portion of her show, Inday Badiday asks the usual questions to an abandoned street kid:
Inday: Kilala mo ba ako? (Do you know who I am?)
Street kid: Opo (Yes, maam)
Inday: Sino ako? (Who am I?)
Street kid: Bakla. (A homo).
BOGART: Pare, lagyan mo nga ako ng tattoo!
GREG: Bakit naman?
BOGART: Napapagkamalan kasi akong bading.
GREG: Ganu’n ba? Sige. Saan mo gusto?
BOGART: Sa kilay para mukhang suplada.
Juan: Pare balita ko bading ka daw. totoo ba?!
Pedro: Pare, Mga chismax lang ‘yun galing sa mga chuvanes na walang magawa sa mga chenilyn nila…. chura nila! hmpf!
ANAK: dad may confession po ako im gay wag mo ko bugbugin plezz AMA:shh wag ka loud baka ma hear tayo ng mudra mez! kapag two lang tayo carry mo me tawaging mother
Bata: Nanay ano ang paboritong lugar ng mga bading? Nanay: Baclaran ba anak? Bata: Hindi Nay Nanay: Eh… Ano? Bata: Nay, Sesame Street Nanay: Bat naman? Bata: Dahil nandoon si Big Bird
Ama: Halika nga rito, bata ka! Ano ka ba talaga... lalaki o babae?
Anak: Eh, babwae po...
Ama: Naku talaga naman! Lalaki ka! Tandaan mo yan ha? Ikaw ay lalaki! Tatanungin kita ulit - lalaki ka ba o babae?
Anak: Tatay naman... talagwang talagwa... Babwae po ako...
Ama: Ah ganun ha? Ginagalit mo ako ha? Pwes, parurusahan kita! (At itinali at inulublob ang anak sa balon ng ilang sandali. Pagkatapos ay iniahon ang anak na hahabul-habol sa paghinga.)
Ama: O ngayon, siguro naman nagtanda ka na! Isang tanong ulit - ano ka ba talaga... lalaki o babae?
Anak: Ngwayon pwo, Tatay, alam kwo na kwung anwo talagwa akwo! Akwo pwo ay isang... SIRENA! Ay-ya-yay!
May isang patayang naganap sa marami ang nag-u-usyuso. Isang makulit na klabing ang ang tanong ng tanong sa Mama.

Klabing: Ay nakwo! anong nangywari sa mamwa?
Mama: pinatay!
Klabing: ay nakwo pwo. bakwit pinatway?
Mama: (medyo nakukulitan na)kasi BAKLA!
Klabing:(change sa macho voice) AH! GANOON BA!
LOLO: Gino paabot nga ng kape ko.
APO: Lo, Gina po.
LOLO: Gino paabot nga ng kutchara.
APO: Lo, Gina po.
LOLO: Punyeta ka Gino! Tigil-tigilan mo yang kabaklaan mo!



Forget the fancy jewelry, electronic gadgets and (especially) the cheesy tie. Here's a gift list that will actually change people's lives—maybe even yours.

November 24, 2009

There’s a little girl hidden in my closet, tucked in near my mom’s wedding china and grandmother’s good silver. There she is protected and safe, a secret friend known only to me. Because I am the opposite of a packrat, she is one of only two mementos saved from my childhood. She is four inches tall, with pigtails and a floppy-looking hat, hands stuffed into her pockets and wearing a slight smile. She was given to me the Christmas I was 11, and is the best Christmas gift I ever received.

What is the one Christmas gift you’ve gotten that stands out above the rest? Why is it special? What about it makes you smile?

Usually, gifts we love are not treasured because of monetary value but the thoughtfulness that inspired them. Especially in light of the current economic state, let’s take a moment to pause and think about what goes into the making of a good gift. After all, we give gifts at Christmas because we are celebrating God’s good gift to us—the sending of His Son.

Distilling the season down to its essence, we find the best gifts are ultimately not about doing, but about being. As we approach gift-giving this season, let’s look to the nature of God as seen in the story of Christmas and keep those qualities in the forefront of our thoughts. Five of those characteristics are creativity, commitment, courage, care and quietness.

Gift #1: Creativity

For two millennia, people have wondered why the Messiah was born to a teenager, in a dirty stable, in dusty town, in the middle of nowhere. Add some outcasts (shepherds), foreigners (wisemen) and singing aliens (angels) and you’ve got the makings of a very strange plot! It’s a tale chock-full of intrigue, scandal, special effects, corrupt government and narrow escapes. Only a highly creative Person could have come up with all that!

Thinking creatively is as natural as breathing for some people and as painful as tooth extraction for others. In order to apply creativity to Christmas, I’m not suggesting you pull out some amazing artistic feat for every person on your list. But why not branch out and think of at least one creative gift you could give this holiday?
This is one of those areas where it’s the thought that counts. For example, one year I had just finished reading a psalm and wanted to respond in a creative way. I got out some watercolors and started painting. I have no artistic training (unless you count one class in high school) and had no idea what I was doing. Still, a scene emerged—a snowy hill with a bare tree, a dark sky with scattered stars.

The Lord nudged me to send it to a friend who was going through a tough time as a tangible reminder of God’s peace. I wrote the psalm reference on the back, slipped it into an envelope, tucked in some chocolate and sent it off with the hope that my friend would be encouraged. It wasn’t special, but it was heartfelt.
Creativity takes many shapes and forms. One friend of mine received a very memorable Christmas gift from his grandmother. She had gone through all of her boxes of photos and created albums for each of her grandchildren, hand-selecting the pictures she thought would be special to each one.

What spoke to him most was the time she invested. She could have simply copied each photo and made a generic one-size-fits-all album, but instead she personalized them. He recognizes the effort and love that went into it and is deeply touched by this simple gift.

Our family also has a special album made by a grandmother. It’s a heavy, red scrapbook given a place of honor on our piano every December. It contains Christmas stories written by my husband’s “Gramma” when he was a little boy. Each story is either penned in cursive or typed on a manual typewriter (no backspace!) and illustrated with pictures she drew.

There are also poems and original songs—the creativity in those pages astounds me. My favorite picture is toward the back. It’s a watercolor of Jesus on the cross, with the words “The price that was enough” written across it. It’s a wonderful heritage she left for us. Although Gramma passed away years ago, she is still very much with us at Christmastime.

Gift #2: Commitment

Whether looking at society, our families or even our church communities, we can see that commitment does not come easily to people. Have you ever wondered if commitment comes easily to God? I would hazard a guess and say no, not when you look at the kind of people he’s committing himself to!

When the virgin’s egg and the Holy Spirit met, God’s commitment to people reached a whole new level. In the different seasons of life, we are also given multiple opportunities to recommit or renege.

My friend Jeff met his wife, Sara, online. Both were employed with a website that monitors sex offenders, and they needed to communicate via e-mail for their jobs. As they got to know each other through more and more frequent e-mail exchanges, Jeff started wondering if Sara was the wife he had been praying for.

Both came from previous marriages that had ended badly and wanted their relationship to be solid from the foundation up. Jeff’s pastor began to mentor them. They started reading books and talking on the phone every night to discuss their growth. After meeting Sara in person, Jeff was certain she was the woman he wanted to marry. He started making plans for a cross-country trip to propose.

Heading out alone in his car in mid-November, he planned to arrive on Sarah’s doorstep at the start of the holiday season. He told me, “All I could think is that my bride-to-be was just an arm's length away; but I failed to realize it was much farther than I expected.”

Crossing through state after state—in the dark, in the rain, through stretches of emptiness and tangled up traffic—he started to wonder if he would even make it. Finally, he arrived at her doorstep at 11 p.m. on a Friday night. The moment he saw her, he hit his knee and proposed.

Jeff and Sara found themselves having to fight for their relationship on many fronts, from hostile family members to job changes and financial difficulties. Even when their moving plans fell through, they didn’t just give up and start sharing a bedroom. They were dedicated to getting it right.

Years later, they both agree they never experienced a moment of doubt or regret. They have the marriage they always wanted—but it came with a lot of prayer, hard work and a commitment to integrity.

Christmas is a perfect time to get on board with what God is doing in our lives and to leave our fears in the dust. Whatever we are called to do— whether as large as a marriage proposal or as small as returning a library book— there is joy to be had in the giving.

Gift #3: Courage

Courage might not be the first word that springs to mind when thinking of Christmas. Yet, certainly there was great courage involved not only for Jesus to come to Earth, but also for the Father to send Him. God’s sacrifice was motivated by love but made possible by courage.

During the holidays, perhaps more than any other time, people can feel deep undercurrents of sadness, loss and loneliness. These painful feelings are in direct contrast with the carols ringing out, proclaiming a season of peace, joy and goodwill. The truth is, during the holidays, people are often in dire need of encouragement.
In the spring of 2008, my husband, a Foursquare pastor at The Grace Place in Fresno, Calif., was invited to be the campus pastor for the local Joni & Friends Family Camp, a retreat designed for families living with disabilities. One morning, one of the fathers led the parents in a special worship service. His name is Brian Doerksen, and he is the writer of “Come, Now Is the Time to Worship,” “Refiner’s Fire” and many other well-known worship songs.

Brian spoke transparently about the impact special-needs children have on his life and ministry, and the concert infused all the parents with courage, like a much-needed hug for our souls. Brian and his wife, Joyce, have six children, ranging in age from 9 to 20—four daughters, including a set of twins, and two special-needs sons. Both sons have a condition called Fragile X Syndrome, the most common inherited cause of mental impairment and autism.

Every song Brian writes passes through the filter of his experiences as a father. While his ministry calling is to sing songs of worship over the nations, he has made a conscientious choice to limit his travel. Many invitations from around the world are turned down; the price his wife and children would bear in his absence is simply too great.

It takes a special kind of courage to say no to dream opportunities. There is also a very real cost. Saying yes to his family and no to travel means selling fewer CDs and making do with less income. But he says, “I believe that God is way more interested in faithfulness; He is way more interested in our character than in our success.”
Even at Christmas, the Doerksens have needed to adapt in order to accommodate their family’s unique traits. Brian’s favorite way to celebrate is with a candlelight worship service. However, because one of his sons becomes anxious in crowds, it simply doesn’t work for their family. Instead, they’ve found a new way to celebrate. They have a birthday party for Jesus—complete with cake and gifts to organizations that work with the poor.

I asked Brian to explain why his sons are a gift, and he replied: “My boys are such a gift, because they are fully present in the moment. There have been times when I have been really broken or sad, and then I go hang out with my boys. They simply give me such love in their embrace. They are so transparent, too; if something upsets them they cry. Once they have cried out their tears, they get back to laughing and making mischief. They inspire me to live in the moment.”

This Christmas, let’s look around and truly see people. Perhaps we’ll be given the chance to simply hug someone who needs it—the kind of embrace where we wrap our arms tightly around the person and let her cry out her tears until her smile is found again.

Gift #4: Care

My brother, Brian, is the person who gave me the little figurine that remains my favorite Christmas gift of all time. After contracting a rare and deadly form of meningitis, Brian had been in the hospital for five months. Every day, my mom would pick me up from school, and we’d go be with him. I would do my homework, followed by dinner in the hospital’s cafeteria. (I think I ate a cheeseburger every night for five months.)
When December came around, the doctors pronounced Brian stable enough for his IV line to be removed. This meant he could be given a pass for Christmas, allowing him to come home for one night. Oh! The celebration that year was miraculous! The songs sounded sweeter, the food tasted better, Granddad’s jokes were funnier. Brian was weak, but he was there.

When I opened my brother’s gift, Mom said, “He picked it out himself.” She had wheeled him down to the hospital’s gift shop the week before, because Brian had insisted on picking out my present. Is it any wonder it became my most cherished childhood possession?

To another person, the figurine wouldn’t seem special at all. Actually, in looking at it, the most obvious thing about her is a long crack and a large gap from where she was broken and glued back together. Bits were smashed beyond repair, and she was left with a hole in her chest. I used to try to disguise it, but there came a day when I realized the injury she sustained was just as important to who she is as the rest of her features.
To anyone else, the damage makes her worthless. But to me, she is valuable and precious, not in spite of her flaws but even more so because of them. I suppose, over the years, she has come to symbolize my own sense of self—in many ways, I’m also a broken and repaired girl.

The reason I was, and still am, so deeply touched by his gift, is that somehow in the middle of a fierce battle for his very own life, my brother still thought of me. Twenty-nine years later, the care he put into the purchase of a small gift continues to impact my life.

Gift #5: Quietness

I grew up attending The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, Calif., with Pastor Jack and Anna Hayford. Many of my memories of Christmas as a child are wrapped up in the way it was celebrated there. From twinkling white lights in every tree to the annual jazz concert, from family night stringing popcorn and watching movies to the staff Christmas parties that were rumored to be hilarious—Christmas was enjoyed!

There was a reason for the exuberance. Cognizant of the fact that there are always people in church with painful memories of Christmas, Pastor Jack and Anna felt it was one of their jobs to get people to realize that Christmas does not have to be ruined by their past. The happiness, joy and celebration of it can be regained—not because of the decorations but because of Jesus. And so, every Christmas, they would go all out.

Because I grew up at their church, and because I was a friend of their daughter (and because I may have TP’d their house a time or two,) Anna remains an influential person in my life. Knowing she has always been a very busy woman, I wanted to talk with her about this concept of being in the midst of all the doing that seems to go along with Christmas.

As we talked, one thing she said struck me as very profound: “I can go all day or I can go all evening, but I cannot go all day and all evening. A certain amount of quiet time has always been really important for me. I need to have some ‘drawing aside’ time.”

To allow for quiet time, Anna has learned to plan well and delegate. Whether it’s having teams of women help with decorating or hiring students to run errands, she has learned to roll with the punches and has found out that people are willing to help.

One day, her granddaughter Emma spotted a pile of gifts on the kitchen table waiting to be wrapped. She said, “Grandma, you have a lot of gifts to wrap. I can wrap gifts very well, and I’m a little short on cash.”
So began their special tradition. Emma comes each year to wrap gifts and earn some pocket money. Anna made up little business cards that say, “Wrapped by Emma,” which are tucked in with each package. I heard this story and thought to myself, “Ah, now here is the wisdom of a woman who gets it.” In the middle of all her responsibilities, she found a creative way to spend quiet time with her granddaughter.

She and Pastor Jack also find ways to have quiet time. They try not to travel much in December, and many times they end the day simply by sitting near the Christmas tree, enjoying the lights and worship music, and not even saying a word.

This Christmas, let’s not forget to be quiet. The birth of Jesus was an understated event in an out-of-the-way place. God is ever calling us into those quiet, secret places, just to be with Him. If indeed we want to become people not wrapped up in doing but instead focused on being, how can that be accomplished except that we set apart some time for drawing aside?

It is not realistic to expect every gift this Christmas to be life-impacting to the recipient. But if we keep in mind that God gave of Himself, how would it influence the way in which we go about giving gifts this season? Rather than leaving the resolutions for New Year’s, why not invite the Lord to work through the season of Christmas to shape our character, causing our lives to be a good gift to the people around us.
Lucinda Chumley lives in Fresno, Calif., where she and her husband, David, pastor at The Grace Place, a Foursquare church they planted four years ago. She started attending a Foursquare church at age six.




It's Christmas Day again! I think this is the most celebrated day of  the year in the whole Christendom (again, except for some Christian denominations). I am celebrating this occasion away from my parents. I'm here in Manila and they're in the province. Nevertheless, I have two siblings in Cavite. We could spend time together in our noche buena.

All I'm praying for this season is that peace and love reign in each person's heart. Our country has experienced several misfortunes this year. Thousands of families lost their properties because of Typhoons Ondoy and Peping. Hundreds lost their lives. About 57 people were murdered in Maguindanao including a number of journalists. I am praying for justice to the victims of the massacre. I am praying for peace and comfort to the families of the victims. Let the Philippine government do its tasks immediately.

In spite of all these, it's good to celebrate Christmas. Let us look unto Jesus who is the main reason of celebrating the season. He is giving us hope that even with this troubled world, there is still hope in him. Merry Christmas to you!



Here's the list of Top 10 Websites in the Philippines as monitored by Alexa.

The sites in the top sites lists are ordered by their 1 month Alexa traffic rank.

The 1 month rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views over the past month. The site with the highest combination of visitors and page views is ranked #1.

1. Facebook
A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.

2. Yahoo!
Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager.

3. Google Philippines

4. YouTube
YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!

5. Google
Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing search technology.

6. Friendster
Friendster is a leading global social network emphasizing genuine friendships and the discovery of new people through friends. Search for old friends and classmates, stay in better touch with friends, share photos and videos, and so much more.

Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP.

8. Wikipedia
An online collaborative encyclopedia.

9. Multiply
Users can create, share and discuss blogs, photos, videos and music with others as well as post reviews of movies and books, or share a calendar of events.

10. Zynga Inc.



From gay beauty contests

Host: What is the one thing that symbolizes happiness for you?
Gay contestant: (Stops, thinks and then smiles.) EGGPLANT PO!
Host: Ano ang advantage mo sa ibang contestant?
Gay Contestant : I think and believe na bilang isang bading......ano nga po ulit yung question?
Host : What is the essence of being gay?
Contestant : I'm proud to be gay because what is naked is essential to the eye!
Host : What is the essence of a man?
Gay Contestant : Testicles!
Host : Hey, I heard you almost didn't make it, how did you get here? Did you ride or did you walk?
Gay Contestant : Of course, did you ride. What do you think of me, did you walk?
Host: How can we uplift our economy today even though we are under economic crisis?
Bakla: (namutla) Mga bakla! Akala ko ba miss gay ito? Quizbee pala!
Anak: nay!!! my mens na ko!
Nay: ano kulay...aber?
Anak: dark brown nay!
Nay: lintik na bata to!!!! LBM ...
Here's a funny pinoy gay text message:"ang chuvanes ay magandang pang cheverlou!"pass dis to 25 wanted eklavou at magiging chenlyn forte ka ds year! pls don't ignore, trululu itich! yung isang kong shengalore, naging sheberli na!
May tatlong magkukumpare na nagpapayabangan.

PARE 1: Naaalala ko si junior ko. Napakagaling na bata. Biruin mo, sariling sikap lang na nakapag-aral sa America. Ngaun abogado na. Sa New York nagtratrabaho. May sarili na siyang Law Firm doon. Huli kong balita kay junior, sa sobrang yaman ng anak ko na yan, binigyan lang ng mercedez benz yung isang kaibigan.

PARE 2: New York ba ikamo? Doon din yung isang panganay ko eh.. Businessman.. Graduate ng Yale. Scholar din siya. Ang dami ngang negosyo ngayon ng batang iyon. Iba-iba. Kaya ako’y proud na proud diyan sa anak ko na ‘yon eh. Gusto talagang makatulong. Yung isang kaibigan niya nga eh, balita ko binigyan niya nung isang apartment sa Manhattan.

PARE 3: (With his head bowed) N-Nakakahiya naman pala sa inyo, mga kumpare. Ako kasi’y pinagbagsakan ng langit at lupa nung nalaman kong ang kaisa-isa kong lalaki ay naturingang bakla. Mangyari’y hindi lang bakla, kundi napakalanding bakla. Ang damuhong iyon, ang huli kong balita ay nangangaliwa pa yata ang hinayupak ng lintek——– dalawa-dalawa pa ang BOYPREN. Pareho kasing mayayaman. Yung isa binigyan siya ng mercedez benz, at yung isa nama’y ibinahay siya sa Manhattan.
Girl: Hubad mo na bra ko.
Boy: Iyan hubad na.
Girl: Hubad mo na rin panty ko.
Boy: 'Yan hubad na rin.
Girl: Sa susuenod huwag na huwag mong gagamitin ang mga gamit ko, walanghiya!



The following is the list of the Top 10 Websites all arouond the globe as monitored by, a credible web information company. The company actually listed top 500 websites but I am only including here the top ten. For more information, visit the website

The sites in the top sites lists are ordered by their 1 month alexa traffic rank.

The 1 month rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and pageviews over the past month. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1.

1. Google
Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing search technology.

*Google is my favorite search engine followed by Yahoo! search.

2. Facebook
A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.

*I do have a Facebook account, but I rarely make updates on it. Many of my friends are indulge into it, but I still prefer Friendster.

3. Yahoo!
Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and pager.

*Yahoo! is my 2nd search option for every thing I want to know on the web next to Google. However, Yahoo!Mail and Yahoo!Messenger are still the best when it comes to webmail and chatting.

4. YouTube
YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!

*I like YouTube. I have uploaded several videos there.

5. Windows Live
Search engine from Microsoft.

*I don't know much about this search engine, hehe.

6. Wikipedia
An online collaborative encyclopedia.

*One of the best sites in the world. It's very informative.

Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP.

*Blogger has been instrumental in creating my very own website, It offers a free hosting service with a variety of service. Excellent! Thank you so much, Blogger!

Music search engine and free MP3 & video streaming for all kind of topic.

*Honestly, I do not know anything about this website.

9. Microsoft Network (MSN)
Dialup access and content provider.

*I have an account in MSN (actually, MSN Messenger), but I don't have friends there. My friends are using Yahoo!Mail or Gmail.

10. Yahoo!
Website: www.
*A Japanese version of Yahoo! There's a lot of Japanese internet users, eh?



Menikanikow ni Monico eng mekina neng menikew ni Monica…
Peskow, peksew…
Booteke. Betooka…
Damn! I can’t deliver the Filipino tongue twisters!
- Si Inday, nagsasanay
“The oil normalizing series specifically designed for my oily skin not only works physically on the skin surface, but penetrates deep into the skin layers to normalize oil secretion for a healthy and long-lasting oil free skin.”
- paliwanag ni Inday habang nagpapahid ng chin-chan-su
I wouldn’t go down that road again. I wouldn’t think about the love-who-was-gone or the life that was snatched away from me, excised as cleanly and completely as a tumor, leaving not even a scar for me to cherish, to remember it by.
- nag-eemote si Inday dahil nagtanan si dodong at ederlyn.
Sa resto:
WAITER: Ano po order nila, maam?
AMO: Yung fried chicken meal na lang. Ikaw Inday, ano sayo?
INDAY: I would like to partake of a dish of sauteed pork and chicken, boiled in thick essence of soy and cane extracts, with copious amounts of garlic, onion and laurel, sprinkled generously with fine spices and served with a generous helping of root crop and a helping of rice.
AMO: Iho, pa-order daw ng adobo with rice.
JEEPNEY DRIVER: Hoy! Bakit sais lang ang binayad mo?! Syete na ang pamasahe ngayon!
INDAY: I am currently enrolled in a 2-year vocational course in an academic institution. Therefore, I am a student and, by this fact, I am entitled to have the inalienable right to avail of a certain discount on my jeepney fare. This is why I provided a payment less than what you expected because that is according to the law, as stated in the fare matrix.
Love – a widely misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart that weakens the brain, causes the eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and lips to pucker!
- Inday, gumagawa ng blog niya sa Friendster.
(Dahil Inglisera na talaga si Inday, nakahanap ng katapat)
Kausap si Lornang labandera…
INDAY: Hey! Our majesty said wash that white clothe because that is the only white clothe of her, understood?
LORNA: Clothe! Only one? Duh! Would you mind to fill up those empty spaces of your brain, Idiot! I don’t know why people like you still exists, you’re just a scrap of humanity! Now, get lost!
INDAY: (luhaang umalis) “Ambot sa imo!”
(Hehe, yan ang yabang kasi ni Inday!)
There are tulips in the street, there are tulips in the park, but nothing compares to our two lips meeting in the dark.
- pamatay lines ni Dodong kay Inday.
It does not matter if you are the wife, or you’re the mistress. What matters is you showed your love, you experienced the joys and pain in loving. Coz from there, you’ll learn… that loving is not always easy.
- movie review ni Inday sa “A Love Story”! Bongga!
Why are you quoting and spreading everything that I say? Am I a celebrity?
- Inday, lagot kayo… nagrereklamo na! kulit niyo kc e.


Philippines Placed 5th; Thailand Overall Champion in the 25th SEA Games

Throughout the history of Southeast Asian Games since 1977, the Philippines had won only once and that was on the year 2005 compared to Indonesia which had won 8 times already and Thailand, 5 times.
The 25th SEA Games was held in Ventianne, Laos from December 7 to December 18 this year. Thailand was the over-all champion with 266 medals: 86 golds, 83 silver, and 97 bronze. Our country placed 5th with 38 gold, 35 silver, and 51 bronze medals, a total of 124. Timor-Leste, on the other hand, placed 10th and last with only 3 bronze medals, no gold or silver medal at all. Timor-Leste is a new member of the ASEAN Regional Forum (2005) community and became a fully independent republic only in 2002.

Every Filipino would wish witnessing our country as the champion. But unfortunately, we only placed 5th. This would only show that we lack many aspects in our sports. Funds are not enough to train the athletes. The Philippine government should fully support our Filipino athletes. Pag nananalo tayo sa isang larangan ng sports, tuwang-tuwa ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno. Mas lalo pa silang matutuwa kung majority ng events ay panalo tayo. Yong pera na pambili ng bala at armas (na ibibigay lang naman pala sa mga rebelde, kuno, haha), eh bawas-bawasan naman. Give it the Philippine Sports Commission, right? And please, MINIMIZE, IF NOT STOP, CORRUPTION!

Second, officials from the government and PSC, and other private individuals who are helping our athletes should stop politicking. It's really a bad practice. I said practice because we always hear those fights and disagreements among those people every time our country is participating in big sport events such as SEA Games. They are setting a bad example to the youth and the athletes.

Well, it's not the end of the world. The next SEA Games well be held in Indonesia on 2011. And I hope that our athletes and sports officials are better prepared that time.


Sana Ngayong Pasko

1. Fendi Handbag
2. Balenciaga sandals
3. Manolo Blanihk high heels
4. CHANEL furr coat
5. Ipod Video 80 gig
6. Motorola Razor Dolce and Gabbana edition
7. Sony Bravia Flat Screen Plasma TV
8. Aquamarine Diamond Wristwatch
9. Louis Vuitton Travelling Bag
10. Obagi System Skin Care Line
11. Shisheido Cosmetics
12. One week vacation spree at the Bahamas
- Wish list ni Inday nung Christmas. Nakadikit sa refrigerator ng amo nya!
With the upcoming holiday, I forecast travel plans to my hometown so that I may visit my family. In line with this, may I request that my financial budget be reviewed so that I may take a portion in advance? Justification as follows: for the dual purpose of
(a) finalizing my flight booking
(b) bringing tokens of appreciation to my parent, siblings, and cousins up to the third level of consanguinity.
-Si Inday… bumabale para makapag bakasyon sa pamilya
I thought I was dead. I must have been in a near-death experience. I believed I survived to tell the world that we are not just a bunch of  household slaves, but persons of dignity and character
- Si Inday, matapos makarecover
San Pedro: Inday, ba’t ka namatay?
Inday: Oh that wretched, low-life “hold-uper”. That bullet have damaged the blood vessels in my brain which caused severe hemorrhage and brought me to a state of hypovolemic shock. Adding insult to injury are those incompetent doctors and nurses who weren’t able to help me, bringing me to face the wrath of death. So my body went through algor, livor and rigor mortis.
San Pedro: (nosebleed)
… Inday was sent back to Earth…
I was shot by a 9mm bullet in the head damaging my entire skull, leading to my death and stopping me from speaking english that has brought rest to people’s radical nose-bleeding.
- In loving memory of Inday
See to it that professionalism is always upheld in the workplace. Although its due to our own personal issues and biases, One must see to it that relationships among co-workers do not cross the border of being too close for comfort. Doing so will greatly cloud objectivity and fair judgment. In general, workplace love affair though possible, is not very advisable.
- Sabi ni Inday nang bastidin ang manliligaw na hardinerong si Dodong.
Amo 1: Inday ano gamit mo sa katawan? Ang kinis mo kasi eh.
Amo 2: Siguro gumagamit ka ng papaya…
Amo 1: Baka naman kalamansi?
Amo 1 and 2: LUPET MO INDAY!!!
500 – globe plan subscription
1800 – glutathione tablet
600 – olay total effects
1500 – crocs / havaianas
2000 – for mama
- binabudget ni Inday ang sweldo nya
Tackatack! Tackatack! The sound I make and hear everyday. Hoping that someone would notice. Glancing at every eye, hoping to catch their attention. Every red, green and gold boxes, sweets and mints, and scribes on paper bought, will get me through the day. But I’m just one of many. Maybe the day will bring more than just a cent. Maybe. Just Maybe.
- Lando (yosi vendor) utol ata ni inday!



Richard Gomez, a Filipino actor and model, filed his certificate of candidacy on December 1, 2009 at the local office of Commission on Elections in Leyte.

He formally launched his bid to grab the congressional seat in the 4th district of Leyte under the Liberal Party. I think Goma, as he is known to many, is the second TV personality who is running for an elective position in my province. Cristina "Kring-Kring" Gonzales-Romualdez is running again as a councilor in the City of Tacloban.

Gomez is not a native of Ormoc. He is not a Waray nor a Cebuano (or Bisaya). His wife, Lucy Torres-Gomez, is. In fact, there is a pending disqualification case before COMELEC against him because the petetioner argues that he is not a resident of Ormoc City. If he wins, will he stay in Ormoc City to take care of his constituents' needs and help them as much as he can? Otherwise, his efforts will be in vain. Well, let the people of the 4th district of Leyte decide whom to vote.

His opponent would be Eufrocino "Dodong" Codilla, under the ruling Lakas-Kampi-CMD, who is a well-known politician in Ormoc City.

The 4th district of Leyte is composed of Ormoc City and six (6) municipalities, namely, Albuera, Isabel, Kananga, Matag-ob, Merida, and Palompon. As of August 1, 2007 its population is 398,908.



A gay man joining in the military

a gay was joining d army but came late for P.E.
the men ahead of him were all naked for inspection. he stared and shouted...............DIOS ko maloloka ako!!!!!!!!!!!!ano ito????EAT ALL YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May Bading sa Dorm
Pedro: Pare may tsismis na may bading dito sa dorm natin.
Juan: Huh! Sino?
Pedro: Sasabihin ko sa iyo pero kiss muna
Ano raw ang pagkakaiba ng CANNIBAL at ng BADING?
SAGOT: Ang CANNIBAL, kumakain ng kauri;
ang BADING, kumakain ng kaari.
XXL Condom
BADING na may binili sa MERCURY Drug Store....... .....
Bading: Miss, may XXL ba kayo na condom?
Miss: Meron po, bibili ba kayo?
Bading: Hindi, aabangan ko ang bibili nyan!
imagine if all straight guys are talking in ga - y lingo.
STUDENT: bakit di mo chinuva yung girlalu? Malaki naman ang susey ng lola mo ah.
HUNK: Winnie cordero nga dude sa susey, Melanie marquez naman sa brainwaves. Wit na.

Jaworski while coaching: keber sa kalaban! Just focus! We cannot afford to luz valdez ! Getlakin niyo yung last freethrow! Windangin yung mga julaban! Ok! Go for the gold to the highest level mga chorva! Gow lang! gow lang ng gow!
Ang Bakla sa Biyernes Santo
Bakla ang may kasamang guapong lalake habang nanonood sila ng sinakulo.Nakita sila ng kaibigang bakla at ang sabi: Naku Mare, bawal ang kumain ng laman ngayong biyernes santo.Sagot niya: Mare hindi bawal kainin ito, SEAFOOD ito.Seaman siya.Hek..hek..hee
Mga Bakla't Pari
Pari: Ang mga boys, sunod sa karo ni San Jose, mga girls, sa karo ni Mama Mary.
Bakla: Kami father, saan kami susunod?
Pari: Mga bruha! Follow me!



The waters are overflowing in the desert.
Balls of snow are falling from heaven on summer.
The sun is shining so bright during nighttime
As the moon illuminates on daytime.

Life is as sweet as your kisses
That makes me feel like flying in the air.
Your hugs give me unfathomable comfort
That gives me an enormous feeling of happiness of all sort.

As butterflies are attracted to the nectar of flowers;
As birds of the skies freely roam up high;
As deers rush with panting to the oasis;
So am I as I see your face smiling at me with love.

I may not be a perfect lover
But I am trying to be one as you do the same.
I may not be your ideal partner
But I am doing everything as if I am an actor with fame.

You and I as one full with love;
Love that matters for both of us.
We may never know what the future holds for us.
But one thing is sure: You and I love each other much.

Copyright 2009. Marlon B. Raquel
December 20, 2009/1:50 P.M.


How dare you to insinuate such intolerable act of abusing our nature from a mere scrap of humanity such as you. If u further insist, i’ll b forced to use my mental and physical capabilities just to pulverize u! -Litanya ni inday nung may nagtapon ng balat ng kendi sa tapat ng bhay ng amo nya. Nagmamaldita tlaga ang lola mo!
Hell is a place with big houses, luxurious cars, grate tasting dishes and nonstop parties. And Heaven? It’s only a small room with nothing in it…but YOU….
-message ni inday para kay dudung sa kanilang 1st monthsary
Amo:Inday ano ulam natin? Darating na sir mo.

Inday:Due to the infrequent mass media coverage around hog cholera, I’d consequently given a judgement on sauteing exquisite scallops in unsalted butter together w/ pungent white onion & tossed it w/ brisk asparagus. I’d also assented to twist it w/ fresh lemon zest & advance its taste via blending a petty amount of chardonay whitewine as well as a cup of viscous cream.

Sometimes, we fall in love and thought that it would be endless, we thank God for it.. but when someone comes and to make life better, what can we ask God then? You know what, I would ask God to make me love again… and this time.. make it permanent..
-Sinabi ni Inday sa kanyang sarili ng iwan siya ni Dodong.
What separates men from animals is his ability to talk and express his feelings. History has told us to fight when our right to communicate and self-expression is suppressed. If you don’t like what I say, the way I say it, or the manner I do it, I apologize. But don’t hinder me from practising my inherent right.
-Sagot ni Inday ng mahuling nakikipagchismisan sa kapitbahay.
Much as I would want to indulge in the proliferation of such incident and malicious information, I want to lift the stigma and alleviate society’s perception of our profession. we are not here to thrive on humor but rather, we should engage in objective and top of the line service to our designated employers.
-Inday (tumangging makipagtsismisan sa katulong sa kabilang bahay. Professionalism at its best!====================================
I’m still a human being, attracted to anyone my heart beats on, and I have my limitations in controlling my feelings. I have to push myself into not loving him. This is so wrong…
-Si Inday na-inlove sa amo. Ibang level na talaga…
Pinag-aralan ng amo ni Inday ang dictionary para may pangtapat siya kay Inday.

Amo: So Inday, tell me, how do you accept the fact that you are just a mere chambermaid in this extravagant mansion?

Inday: Una camarera? Eres tan pathetic. La unica razon que inscribi tu casa es porque nada esta sucediendo dentro de tu casa cuasi-agradable. Quisiera traer una poca clase en este hogar pero conjeturo que nopuedo porque esta casa es fea.
Amo: Asan na ba yung Spanish dictionary ko… Love!!! Tulong please…

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