How to Get Cedula or Community Tax Certificate

An example of cedula or CTC issued at Taguig City

This is the typical cedula you need to get from the government and it is a requirement when you apply for other government documents such as barangay certificate and police clearance. Cedula is also known as Community Tax Certificate, meaning, it is your primary form of identification, although some segments of the Philippine society want it abolished. 

A cedula contains the following information:
  • Date and place (city or municipality) where cedula is issued
  • Full name
  • Height
  • Weight
  • TIN (tax identification number)
  • Place and date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Civil status
  • Occupation
  • Right hand thumbmark
  • Signatures of the person who apply for CTC and the officer issuing it
Most local government units do not require applicants to fill in some information in CTC such as height and weight.

How to get your cedula?

1. You simply go to a barangay, municipal, or city hall or any extension of local government office where cedula is issued.

2. Usually, you need to fill in a form (small sheet of paper)  first where you need to write your full name, birth date, gender, etc.

3. Pay the required amount to the collector.

4. Wait for few minutes until you get your cedula from the issuing officer.

5. Affix your signature and your right thumb mark on the spaces provided in your cedula.

How much should you pay for cedula?

Usually, one needs to pay P25.00 for cedula. Basic community tax is P5.00 and additional community tax is P20.00.

Are there any requirements?

Based on my experience, city/municipal halls do not ask for requirements, yes, even ID is not required.

What information in cedula which are usually required for affidavits and other documents?

The usual data are cedula number, date of issuance, and place of issuance.

What is the validity of cedula?

Your cedula is valid for one year from the date of issuance. 

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