different religions??

don't you ever wonder why so many religions exist today? christianity and islam sprung up from judaism... roman catholics and evangelicals are called Christians.. cults exist.. the worship of idols and nature abounds.. animistic religion flourish.. some resort to withcraft and astrology.. it is thus a reality that people want something in their life that can never be satisfied with money, fame, sex, relationship.. they're looking for something spiritual

the establishment of religions of various kinds, as i observed, is a sign that people from all walks of life is in search for some kind of spiritual force that will satisfy them... i am not pinpointing which religion preach the true message, and which ones are not.. others may just be masquerades of light that will eventually fall into destruction.. religion offers hope and satisfaction money can't... people are binded with common faith.. faith has become the basic element to which the belief of a person is founded..
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