Profile: Bayani Fernando

Birthday July 25, 1946
Place of Birth San Juan, Metro Manila
Age 63 years old
Educational Attainment
College: Mapua Institute of Technology, BS Mechanical Engineering (1967)
Graduate: Mapua Institute of Technology, Professional Mechanical Engineer (1983)
Spouse Ma. Lourdes Fernando (Incumbent Mayor of Marikina)
Children Tala Fernando
Profession Former Chairman, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA);
Former Secretary, Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)
Former Mayor, Marikina City;
Engineer/Founding Owner, BF Group of Companies
Political Party Bagumbayan Party
Running Mate (Pres.) Richard “Dick” Gordon
Projects/Achievements under MMDA

Launched projects to transform NCR into Metro Gwapo (Beautiful City):
o Street Nomads
o Sidewalk Dwellers
o Waterways Dwellers
o Pook na Bulok
o PGMA Workers Inn
o Metro Padyakan
o Metro Walk and Bikeways
o Organized Bus Route
o 7 Major Roads Project
o C-5/Kalayaan Proposed Elevated U-Turn
o Southrail Flood Mitigation
o Metro Safe
o Door to Door collection of Garbage

Traffic Programs and Activities:
o Clearing Operations wherein sidewalks in major thoroughfares are cleared of all forms of obstructions (illegal vendors, movable/permanent structures, illegally parked vehicles, unnecessary road humps) except in areas where elementary schools are located
o Parking Discipline Program: identification and installation of roadway and easement parking signs initiated by the Traffic Operations Center
o Road Emergency Stations: construction of 9 road emergency stations designed to hopefully enable traffic personnel to act and remove all forms of road obstructions in 15 minutes. (Stations are in Timog Avenue, Aurora/C5 Road and Nagtahan, Baclaran, Camachile and T.M. Kalaw roads)
o Cleaning of Roadways: regular cleaning and maintenance of roadways and street furniture and structures.

Urban Transportation Programs
o Public Utility Vehicles (PUV) Lane Scheme: to reduce travel time in all PUVs and to reduce waiting time of passengers at PUV stops.
o Organized Bus Route Project: Complementing the PUV lane scheme, it is to hopefully improve bus operations and reduce bus volume in EDSA by controlling the headways between buses dispatched at terminals and strictly enforcing the rules on the use of loading and unloading areas.
o Site Identification and development of PUV stands/terminals: PUV terminals in major roads are established in major thoroughfares to instill order in roads

Traffic Enforcement
o Traffic Intercept Team has been formed under the Motor Cycle Group, motorcycle units work as a team to intercept drivers evading traffic apprehensions
o Roadside Traffic Arbitration Unit, to resolve traffic complaints filed by motorists against traffic enforces right at the place of apprehension. Aims to resolve complaints within an hour. 3,273 traffic complaints have been resolved to date.
o Accreditation of Tow Truck Operators in Metro Manila are required to register anew with the MMDA to implement as means of controlling and monitoring activities and services of tow trucks. Adopted by the Metro Manila Council.

Traffic Engineering
o Operation of the Traffic Signal System - MMDA, through the Traffic Engineering Center, maintains and operates the Traffic Signal System in 468 signalized intersections. Out of this number, 40 are currently non-operational, since the signalized intersections have been affected by various road construction activities.
o Installation of Footbridges – Part of the MMDA traffic infrastructure program is to install footbridges for pedestrians and commuters alike. This not only ensures the safety of pedestrians but would also provide unhampered traffic flow. Initially, footbridges at the intersection of EDSA/Aurora Boulevard and at Commonwealth Avenue are being constructed.
o Installation of Waiting Sheds and Urinals – The waiting sheds are situated in loading and unloading areas to provide some comfort for the commuters and to let people know where they should stay when waiting for their rides.

The urinals are likewise installed in strategic areas in line with the efforts to still discipline and order in the major thoroughfare.

Traffic Information and Education (TIE)
o The Traffic Academy: organized to professionalize traffic officers. Around 500 new traffic officers have undergone training and now deployed at major roads. It provides trainings and seminars to law enforcement agencies and other traffic enforcers.
o Public Information and Dissemination through Sound Trucks: a closed van with loud mounted loud speakers equipped with mobile public address system used by the TIE group going around highly populated areas to announce various MMDA programs and remind public to observe traffic rules.
o Road Users Manual: produced by TIE division containing traffic rules and regulations, fines and penalties for traffic infractions, alternate routes and processes involved in filing complaints
o Radio and TV programs: utilized as part of an effort to inform public about MMDA initiatives. “MMDA on the Road,” aired every Wednesday from 10-11pm on NBN channel 4, and “MMDA sa GMA,” aired very Sunday from 9-10pm at DZBB radio station.
o Capability Build-Up: Initiated capability-building measures in the conduct of trainings, production of manuals, traffic and transport framework policy documents and procurement of vital traffic equipment and facilities. Program is funded by the Asian Development Bank through the Metro Manila Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program.

Urban Transport Integration Project (Funding assistance by World Bank)
o On-going construction for the secondary road of Pasong Tamo
o Construction works for EDSA corridor improvement
o Finalizing engineering designs for LRT Line 2 Corridor (CM Recto to Marcos Highway)

Air Quality Improvement Sector Development Program (MMAQISDP)
o Anti-Smoke Belching Project
o Traffic Engineering and Management (TEM)

Flood control and drainage management
o Regular declogging of drainage laterals, de-silting of drainage mains, continuous dredging of open waterways
o Pipe laying of frequently flooded streets in Metro Manila for bank improvements of various creeks and esteros
o Door to Door collection of Garbage
o Maintenance and repair of flood control structures such as the Napindan Hydraulic Control Structure, 15 large and 8 small pumping stations and all facilities under the Effective Flood Control Operation System Project

Landscape development and maintenance
o 51 thoroughfares including special sites under the METRO project, major tourist corridors
o Landscaping activities for 8 Special Impact Sites in Metro Manila
o Repair of damaged , dilapidated, broken gutters, nosing sign, plant boxes, center island structures and sidewalks, painting of gutters, curbs, nosing signs, MRT posts an sky carriages.

Projects/Achievements under Marikina
Philippine Quality Award 1999, Silver Award – Proficiency Level for Organizational Excellence awarded by Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)
Philippine Quality Award 1999, Bronze Award – Commitment Level for Organizational Excellence awarded by DAP / DTI

Galing Pook Hall of Fame Award Five Winning Programs:
o Save the Marikina River
o Politika sa Bangketa
o Squatter-Free Marikina
o Barangay Talyer
o 5-Minute Quick Response Time
o Including in the TOP TEN Category in 4 years (1995-1999)
Hall of Fame, Search for the Cleanest and Greenest Town in the NCR, 1996 by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) of NCR
Hall of Fame, Search for the Cleanest Inland Body of Water in the NCR, 1996 by DILG of NCR
Cleanest School in the NCR (Parang Elementary School), 1999 awarded by Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran
Health (Best Managed) Public Market in the Philippines and NCR, 1998 by the Department of Health (DOH)
o Cleanest Market in the NCR, 1999, Gawad Pangulo sa Kapaligiran—DILG, DOH, MMDA, Philippine Information Authority (PIA)
o Best Public Wet Market in the NCR, 1997, Department of Agriculture (DA), National Consumers Council
Best Local Government Unit in the NCR, 1994 awarded by DILG and Presidential Assistant on Community Development (PACD)
Best Local Government Unit in the Philippines, 1995 awarded by DILG
Most Outstanding City in the Philippines, 1997 awarded by DILG
Best Managed City in the Philippines, 1999 awarded by DILG

Motto “Implement the law without the fear of losing votes. This is POLITICAL WILL.”

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