The Great Oblation Run 2007

Here comes another day of showcasing some flesh to the world--with the blood of nationalism in the hearts of the participants--The Great Oblation Run.

Here's what Wikipedia says about this event:

Today, the Oblation is commemorated annually during the Oblation Run....
Members of the Alpha Phi Omega, one of the prominent U.P. fraternities, run around the campus naked (a concept
known as streaking).

This is also done to protest their sentiments about a current political
or economic situation. The date, December 16th, was selected in honor of the
International Founding of Alpha Phi Omega.

Contrary to popular belief, neophytes are forbidden to run. "All those who run are full-fledged members who have volunteered" are allowed to run, explains Ojie Santillan, the fraternity's Auxiliary Chancellor. "There is a misconception that the Oblation Run is something our neophytes have to undergo as part of their initiation. That’s not true. We never allow our applicants to join."

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