Stolen MSI laptop, Samsung digicam, and Nokia cellphones

When someone stole my laptop last week, digicam, and cellphones I asked God to let the culprit suffer from (anything). Today I realized that it was not what God wants me to do. I then requested God not to hear my selfish prayer (binawi ang request, hehehe) I asked five days ago.

It was not really painful that I don't have my gadgets anymore. Those things can be replaced any time soon. In fact, I already bought a new cellphone. Before this month ends, I want to buy a new digital camera, and I should have a new laptop before this year ends. Savings, savings, savings. What is hurtful is that I lost all my files in my laptop, including my thesis for master's. It's good that I have a hard copy for chapters 1-3 but the rest? Nothing! I need my thesis files! But what can I do? Start all over again. I have learned a lot from that incident. 

May God bless the person who stole my things and I pray that the thief would realize his mistake/sin and that he won't do that again to other persons. Man by nature is good, so I believe there is still a room for change for him.

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