A Call for Help for the Victims of Typhoon Yolanda

Every time I see pictures and videos of Typhoon Yolanda victims and how the typhoon destroyed my province in Leyte, I can’t help myself but cry. Since Day 1 I haven’t heard the sweet voice of my mother or the laughter of my father, siblings, and nephews I used to hear every time I call them over the phone. The pain breaks my heart. Death toll is now 4,460 according to United Nations. The only hope that I cling on is the fact that God will save my family. My town, Tabontabon, is 37 kilometers away from Tacloban City which was severely hit by Typhoon Yolanda.  I’ve heard reports that there were 10 casualties in my town. When a friend of mine who is based in Cebu visited his family in our barangay, he informed me that my family is safe and all the people in our barangay are safe. That was a great relief! 

I cannot wait any longer. I want to see my family. I want to help my fellow Jabongnons. I cannot stay here in Manila and wait for the government to help them. People may have survived the storm but they will die in hunger. So I decided to go home by Thursday next week. I have asked my friends if they can help me assist my kababayans in Barangay Jabong. I thank the Lord that they have responded. My students have started collecting piso-piso (coins). They gave me P1, 230. Dr. Florita Miranda of Wesleyan College of Manila gave P1, 000 and Prof. Anita Catolico of The Fisher Valley College gave P500. My MBA classmates will be giving canned goods for the victims. Others will be giving their pledges next week. As of this writing, I am able to collect P2, 730. It is just a small amount but a big help for us.  Thank you so much! 
If you want to help, you may course through your donations to different non-government organizations which are helping the relief operations. Philippine National Red Cross led by Dick Gordon is doing a good job. 

If you want to help my barangay directly, you may send your cash donations through Western Union. My name is Marlon B. Raquel and my address is Taguig City. For canned goods, etc you may give them to NSTP Office, The Fisher Valley College, Taguig City. 

Our church in Jabong is made of nipa and bamboo and few bricks. I think it was destroyed as well.  I will take photos of the church when I get there. I hope Foursquare Philippines led by President Val Chavez will help all Foursquare churches in Eastern Visayas District. 

I am actually hesitant to ask for help in this way but I realized that the issue here is survival of my family, friends, and fellow Jabongnons.

The Filipino spirit of bayanihan is still alive. 

My fellow Jabongnons will survive.

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