Bubblews Earnings: I Earned $6.60 After 5 Days of Bubbling

Screenshot from The Bank of my Bubblews Account

Few hours after I signed up Bubblews, I was able to earn $2.20. From then on, I started making connections with fellow netizens around the world. As of this writing,  I have posted 33 articles, received 426 page views, and connected to 81 friends. That entitles me to earned $6.60 or an equivalent of around 300 Philippine pesos. Not bad for a newbie like me. 

Bubblews accepts any kind of write-ups as long as these articles are original. The good thing is that Bubblews only requires 400 characters (NOT words)! 

So, if you love writing poems, news, or any kind of essays, sign up now and start earning! You spend a lot of hours 'Facebooking' without earning, so why not try this one? You won't pay anything (except your monthly internet bill). You can click here in my referral link. 

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