Why Spurs Won the Game

The main reason why Spurs won was the team effort of the players lead by their point guard Mr. Tony Parker and the rest of the team, as well as the coaching staff of coach pop. That’s their secret in winning. The two veterans Manu Ginnobili and Tim Duncan have done a huge part on that matter. It was the consistency of Tim and being fearless of Manu on the hard court. Lastly, their finals MVP Mr. Kawhi Leonard, of his scoring ability and defensive stops against Miami Star player Lebron James contributed much on their success.

That was a nice game also of the Miami Heat team. Congratulations to them as well.
 Again, congratulations to San Antonio Spurs for winning the championship against Miami, 4 over 1 series.

***This is a re-post from my Bubblews blog. 
*** Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.
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