AirAsia's Red Hot Sale is back!

For those who are waiting for the AirAsia's Red Hot Sale, the long wait is over! Later at 12:00 midnight, AirAsia will open its 24-hour priority access to Big Loyalty members for seat sales.

According to the official communication posted in the airline's Twitter account, up to 3 million seats are up for grabs (similar to Piso Sales of Cebu Pacific). Booking period for non-members will be from June 5, 2017 (000h GMT +8) to June 11, 24 GMT +8). Travel period is from January 15, 2018 to August 28, 2018.

Below is an example of FREE SEATS availability for January 15-August 28, 2018 flights. From Bangkok, for instance, once can avail these free seats to Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Vientiane (Vietnam), Yangon (Mynamar) and Hanoi (Vietnam), among others.

To purchase tickets, you need to be a member of AirAsia Big Loyalty program. it's so easy. You'll just have to sign up in their website with your valid email address. Follow the instructions and you're good to go.

Last March 19, 2017, AirAsia also offered Red Hot Sale where I was able to book flights from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore and Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Travel date is October 12-14, 2017. I paid 1,870 Philippine pesos only for the flights. So be wise when you travel overseas.

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets and hurry up! I provided a direct link to AirAsia Loyalty website for easy access. You'll just have to be a little bit patient because of technical glitches the website is experiencing due to high demand. 
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