it is by God's grace that I was healed.. for five consecutive days, i was sick of fever, cough and colds.. perhaps if i had enough rest and proper medication, these viral infections were completely blotted out of my system.. my parents told me that they often brought me to the hospital when i was a child because i always got sick, that's why they offered me to "santacruz".. so every year, the elders of my community, who were also the leaders of the catholic church, came to our house and offered prayers to that santacruz.. my parents promised to that ''santacruz" that they would practice that devotion until I reached the age of 25.. until time came that i violated that practice.. i didn't attend anymore of the "prayer meetings" of these elders.. i had come to know that only Jesus Christ has the power to heal every sickness and disease..

i just spent most of the time for the past few days in my bed like a bed-ridden patient.. i was afraid that i might get infected with the deadly dengue.. so i submitted myself to medication with dr. tengonciang as my doctor.. my blood specimen was examined and thank God, no signs of dengue.. the results show that i got an infection that's why i have colds and cough.. 3 kinds of medicines were prescribed.. and yes, they're quite expensive to me.. hehe.. and my doctor also told me to drink lots of water

i as take my medication, i always ask God to heal me.. to use the medicines as His instruments in healing me.. i always believe that Jesus Christ is my Great Physician, greater that any doctor in the world and the greatest Healer of all..

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