former president estrada found guilty of plunder

The much awaited day arrived. Some people called it The Judgment Day. After six years of trial in the Sandiganbayan, the three justices proclaimed the verdict: Erap was found guilty of plunder. But he was, on the other hand, cleared of perjury case. He was sentenced for life imprisonment.

"I thought the role of justice would prevail here, but really, it's a kangaroo court.", says Estrada. For many Filipinos, especially the poor masses, the verdict has become an emotional stigma. "This is a sign that the Arroyo regime has no regard for the plight of the masses," said one of the protesters, Ver Tustauuio. "Erap is the symbol of the dreams and aspirations of the Filipino masses."

Both camps have their sentiments. Anti Erap supporters perhaps be "happy" for the verdict. But whatever it is, we must move on. Our country needs everyone of us.

For the military and police, sobrang OA yata kayo ngayon. Is Madame President afraid of another EDSA Uprising, the same uprising that put her in power?

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