Why I Want to Become a Nurse?*

*(I wrote this essay as requested by my friend in the US.)

Each of us chooses something for a reason. I am not an exception. The field of nursing has long interested me because of my compassion and desire to help those individuals who are sick. For one thing, I cannot afford to see any member of my family and friends to suffer from an illness or physical disability. I am well aware that to venture in such profession is risky and challenging at the same time. It is risky because I have to expose myself to different kinds of communicable diseases. It is a challenging because it covers a lot of subjects to be studied ranging from the human anatomy to courses like mathematics. But I am very much eager to accept such challenge in my life. In the first place, I love challenges. Being a nurse someday is the best vision that I could see upon myself.

Nurses are considered to be the backbone of health care in the United States. They play an important role by proving health care assistance to patients. I know from the fact that our world today is desperately in need of nursing professionals who will take care of the healthcare assistance of people. This is from the fact that there is a shortage of nurses, perhaps this is cause by the increasing number of population today. And in this aspect, I want to become part of this endeavor – to care for the needs of these people especially the elderly.

I would also want to become a nurse to educate patients how they should manage their sick family members at home. I believe that education is a vital component of man’s existence and that learning is an endless quest for knowledge. No other thing could be equally important I think that to teach people how to identify symptoms of diseases that need medical attention. This is an important role of the nurse as well as educating all people involved with the ailing person. Helping other people is priceless. One cannot buy help. Nurses will forever be remembered for the noble acts of goodness they do to people.

If I will be given a chance, I would also want to enhance my knowledge and skills by acquiring further training in nursing. I am willing to attend symposia, conferences, and pursue higher learning in nursing education. I think that I am physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for a new pace of my life in the field of nursing.

I know that there are so many professions today that I could choose from but the field of nursing appeals to my personality and capabilities as a person. No other noble task in this world that helping save the lives of other people.


--The King’s Rebel--

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