How to Apply for a Barangay Clearance

Wondering how to get a barangay clearance? Here are some useful tips:

1. Go to the barangay hall where you reside and tell the personnel that you are applying for a barangay clearance. Usually, the personnel will give you a piece of paper where you write information such as your name, address, purpose of the clearance, etc.

2. Give the paper to the personnel and pay the required fee. In Lower Bicutan, it costs P50.00. 

3. Wait for the personnel to call your name. Your barangay clearance is ready in few minutes. You'll have to put your thumb mark, affix your signature, and that's it.  

Your barangay clearance is valid for six (6) months (in Lower Bicutan). Different barangays may have different processes, requirements, and validity of the clearance but the above mentioned steps are the general processes you may have to undergo. So easy. 

Also, this clearance is for local employment only. I hope this post helps!

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