Why I should be given scholarship?

I wrote the following essay as part of the requirements in my application for scholarship of LANI Scholarship Program of Mayor Lani Cayetano of Taguig City.

Why I should be given scholarship?
By Marlon B. Raquel

I graduated from the University of the Philippines as a scholar where my tuition and other fees were fully subsidized by the government. Without this scholarship, my college life would have been a roller-coaster.

Education is the key to success, as the cliché says, and I believe it. I also believe that learning is a continuous process; therefore, knowledge must be pursued.

Currently, I am enrolled at Taguig City University. It is my third semester at TCU and I am enjoying my studies.  I am taking up Master in Business Administration. I choose this program for two reasons: first, I need to be academically competent in business administration as I am a newly appointed Department Head of the Business Department at The Fisher Valley College, Taguig City, and second, I always have the passion to learn more of things this life has to offer.

Having a master’s degree in business administration would surely help me a lot in my undertakings as an employee of TFVC. The Commission on Higher Education requires that all college professors should have master’s degrees, and as compliance, we need to adhere to rules and regulations of CHED. Another good reason is that I would be better equipped with knowledge and skills in business administration necessary to carry my tasks as a Department Head.

I Love Taguig, as what Mayor Lani Cayetano’s slogan says, and surely I do. I have been living here since 2007 and I have personally observed how this city has transformed from being a drug-addict-infested city to a city where young people have started to realize their dreams. Pursuing my MBA is such a privilege. I will help this city by instilling in the minds of my students the relevance of education, good governance, and nation-building.     

I need LANI Scholarship to realize my goals. It will make my graduate studies easier for me. Finances are difficult and I will make sure that the assistance I will be getting from the scholarship will be used for my MBA needs. 
I want to thank the Honorable Mayor for being close to the education sector. I made the right choice when I voted her last May elections.   
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