2016 Philippine Elections: Earned Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate Degrees of Candidates


1. Three (3) presidential hopefuls are lawyers - Binay, Duterte, and Santiago.
2. All candidates, except for Roxas, are graduates of Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree.
3. Santiago is the only one who has a doctorate degree.


1. Three (3) vice-presidential candidates are lawyers - Cayetano, Escudero, and Robredo.
2. Three (3) candidates finished their undergraduate degrees at the University of the Philippines (Cayetano, Escudero, and Robredo) while Trillanes earned his MPA from the same university.
3. Among the six (6) candidates, it is only Marcos who does not have a college degree.

Other interesting facts:
1. Roxas and Robredo, presidential and vice-presidential aspirant, respectively, are both graduates of Economics.
2. Duterte (presidential aspirant) and Cayetano (vice-presidential aspirant), are both lawyers.

If there are some discrepancies or errors in my research, please correct me and feel free to post the correct information with references.

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