This is taken from my Friendster profile.

Every man is a unique being. That uniqueness is embedded in each personality, and no one can question it. Anyone can be my friend, yes, even the so-called outcasts of our society. People may label a person as a criminal, as a thief, as a sexual deviant, or simply as the introvert/extrovert type of person, but we never know what really is inside of their hearts.

UNDERSTANDING, LOVE, and CARE, and NOT JUDGMENT and REJECTION, are the ultimate requirements to better understand people. I have once experienced rejection and humiliation so I know what it feels being abandoned and not taken care of. I want to meet anyone who is living in this fallen world, who is willing to open his/her heart just like an innocent child. I believe that no matter how sinful a person is, he/she is still loved by God. No matter how poor a person is, God's eyes are upon him/her. No matter how bad the person's character is, he/she has the chance to change his/her ways. No matter how the people and society itself despise him/her, he/she has the right to live, just like everybody else. And for all the people in the cyberspace, I am willing to be your friend.

You may reach me through my mobile phone number 0929-181-0367, email me at maher_shalal05@yahoo.com.ph, or you may also visit my website at http://kingsrebel.blogspot.com. We can talk anything under the sun, guided by the principle of mutual respect. You are not perfect, so am I. May the good Lord of heaven bless you!

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