Subic Beach

First Bad Trip Day:

January 16, Tuesday night--I lost my Starbucks planner somewhere in UP Diliman.. I had just claimed it in Starbucks SM Fairview with Marc Sunday evening that week.. Too bad for me.. I had put on its hard-bound covers Dragon Ball Z stickers (my favorite anime).. Hope someone will return it to me, hehehe.. I have my contact numbers and my dorm address there.. Kung hindi man ito isuli sa akin ng nakapulot, well, ayos NA DIN LANG sa akin, hehehe.. wala naman akong magagawa.. Sana lang hindi mangati ang pwet ng nakakuha nito.. Wehehehehe...

Second Bad Trip Day:

January 17, Wednesday night--The most bad trip day of all.. I have two assignments to be submitted the following day in my SPSS subject.. I planned to make them at a friend's house because I have already installed the software in his computer.. I thought I had the data I need saved on the computer but too good for me, hehehe, that when I went there, I found out that the data was not saved in the PC.. Grrr!! What I did was I did not attend my lecture class from .. I rushed to the computer lab to make my assignments and hey, I did it! Hahahaha.. But i'm a bit sad because my output is wala lang... Hehehehe.. You know... :-)

How I wish I have my own computer..... (Sabay ganun..)


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