True Love Last

Marzan, Gristelle D.
ENGL08 – World Literature


Do we believe that a long distance relationship will last? Some people say yes and others says no.

Teenagers are now experiencing precious moments together with their love ones and there are some cannot sustain because of the distance that separates between them.

We tend to sacrifice everything for the sake of one’s heart. We satisfied enough hearing the voice of a precious person and the text messages that we received from them only to prove that still it works because we believed that communication is the best way for us to have a successful relationship. We also know that it’s not easy to handle such things especially when we’re not responsible enough. We only say the magic word without showing it and that makes us hurt.

For me, even if we’re far, I keep on trusting the person I loved, not just for a while but as long as I live I’ll be keeping that forever. God knows how much I value this relationship and he is my witness, through ups and downs I promise, I will love him from the bottom of my hypothalamus.

Now, I have the courage to live life because I’m keeping a relationship with a person whom who will fight for me and bravely face each and every consequences that we encounter. Someone I can call a partner rather than a lover. And one thing I can share, when you love, stick only to what your heart feels and to whom your heart beats.

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