Prophecy for the Philippines by Lou Engle

Lord, I just thank you for Jerome and what you’re doing in the Philippines, the prophecy that the Philippines will be an aircraft carrier to Southeast Asia. It just came to me, while I’m speaking now, about the new breed of flyers. And the Lord had given us a whole experience in San Diego of dreams and going on in an aircraft carrier, and launching the new breed of pilots who will fly into the nations with a call.

I feel like the Lord is saying to me, you are my arrow. Jerome, the Philippine YOUTH ARMY IS YOUR BOW and that you are going to give them FOCUS to shoot the arrow in the Southeast Asia and this whole Jesus Revolution is about FULFILLING YOUR CALLING AS A NATION, as aircraft carriers to launch the flyers and you’re going to get tens of thousands praying on a day. You’ll have tens of thousands praying on a day. Blow, open a door in Thailand. Blow; open a door in the Malaysia.

And there’ll be increasing army of intercessors behind you that begin to blow open the way TO MAKE YOU AN ARROW, A BREAKER ANOINTING. And it’s not an accident that Thailand is going to open up.

Kreingsak, we pray for Kreingsak. We pray that, God, out of the call, we declare it, that healing in that city will take place, in the name of Jesus. We prophesy unity and reconciliation through the movings of the call in Bangkok that they will receive that man, in Jesus name, God. No more will that lie exist.

And God will INCREASE HIS STORM and Malaysia will begin to rumble under that sound. Let that arrow shoot through. Link these guys as brothers and friends in Jesus Name. Hallelujah, Lord. Link them as comrades in this thing in the name of Jesus, God. Launch it.

Lord we thank you for Jing Lyn. She was critical when we met together a couple of years ago before there was a call. That woman is going to raise up a mighty house of prayer holding back darkness right now, holding back the incursion of violence against the church there. In Jesus Name we just say, Lord, let the arrows strike Malaysia, an open door that no one can shut, we pray for awakening rod, God, over Southeast Asia, God we pray open door for the call to come.

And use Jerome as an apostle. Lord, I lay my hands upon him and I pray, God, set him apart as an apostle of the call, in Jesus’ Name, not the organization but the whole movement. Yes, the organization coz you’re using this Call to ride but we prophesy as a movement of massive fasting and prayer that precedes the great awakening…___________ that’s Malaysia, we declare it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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