Former Vice-President Guingona's grandson falls to death

Martin “Mark” Guingona-Lamb, a 20-year-old grandson of former Vice-President of the Philippines Teofisto Guingona and nephew of Senator Teofisto Guingona III, died after he fell from the 31st floor of Vivere Suites Hotel in Muntinlupa City on Thursday. 

Police investigators said that they were still trying to determine the real cause of his death whether Mark committed suicide or he killed himself by accident. 

Before Mark fell to his death, he and his friend Miguel Enrique Munarriz went to the Skylounge of the hotel and had a bottle of beer. Munnariz told the investigators that they had talked each other to discuss Mark's personal problems but declined to tell the details. 

Senator Guingona said, “We understand that Mark is young and may have been unable to bear [the] burden of such concerns. The intensity of his pain is known only to him.”
The family of Guingona declines to make further comments on the issue.  

Mark Guingona Lamb was a dean's lister in De La Salle University - Manila for School Year 2009-2010, Term 2 as reflected in the document published by  the Office of the University Registrar.
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