Was Senator Miriam Santiago's website hacked?

I visited the website of Senator Pia Cayetano an hour ago, and I was reading her blog entries regarding her speeches especially on the Reproductive Health Bill. She is one of the sponsors of the bill, the other is Senator Miriam Santiago. Then, I clicked the link on one of Senator Santiago's speeches and I was redirected to her website, www.miriam.com.ph. I am shocked because I can see the front page on her website (even right now) that there are words and phrases about VIAGRA. What the heck are those phrases doing in a website of one of the most powerful and respected politicians of the Philippines? Above are some of the phrases I can see. So what I did was I took some screenshots of the webpage. I also posted a comment in the shoutbox option. I just left a question whether her website was hacked or not. I hope that whoever is maintaining the site, he or she will notice it immediately. We are aware that in the past, several government sites have been hacked.



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