Ang Talambuhay ni Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao, being the only septuple champion in the boxing world, proved everyone that we have something in us that we can be proud of. We are not a stagnant race.

Likewise, Manny becomes an archetype of someone who experienced hardships in early life but later succeeded. With majority of Filipino families living in poverty, a success story like that of Manny is truly remarkable. One could hope that life isn't all about trials and problems.

His second attempt to grab a seat in Congress, and his efforts in the movie industry, draw criticisms from different sectors of the Filipino society. I suspect that people wanted him to stay where he is. He is loved as a boxing champion but not as a politician or a movie actor.

With almost every aspect of his life being drawn into spotlight, Manny could not hide from the meticulous scrutiny of the public, especially the media.
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