Goal for 2010: Post at least 200 entries

Welcome to 2010! With my new laptop, I am hoping I could surpass the number of entries I wrote for the previous years since I started blogging. I started to post an entry in this site in August 2006, four months after I graduated in college in UP Tacloban and migrated here in Metro Manila for further studies. I enrolled in UP Diliman for my MA and I am currently writing my thesis.

For the year 2006, I posted 36 entries only compared to 60 entries in 2007. That is basically 21% increase in the number of entries. At the end of 2008, I became more aggressive in writing. I was able to post 73 entries that year, 13 entries higher than the previous year, and statistically speaking, there was a 13% increase. Last year's record is quite significant. The number of entries I had in 2008 was doubled! 153 entries! For obvious reason, this is because I have my on laptop now. I could just go to SM Malls and post anything that’s interesting to me. For this year, my goal is to have at least 200 entries.

I am not a professional writer. I am just an amateur, but I am trying to post something here that might give interest to my readers. And another thing, it's my passion. That's more important than anything else. You love what you're doing.


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