Muslims and Christians Form a United Front for Bro. Eddie

Teary-eyed Bangon Pilipinas presidential candidate Bro. Eddie Villanueva thanked the united front of Muslim and Christian groups for a rare expression of unity in order to support his candidacy.

“For the love of country, they have united to advance new politics,” Bro. Eddie said.

The Head of Ulama Philippines, Aleem Naguib Taher, declared the support of the Muslim community to Bro. Eddie during the Bangon Pilipinas coordinators’ convergence in Clark, Pampanga this week. He brought with him leading personalities of Mindanao’s top three ethno-linguistic groups: Maguindanaons, Tausugs, and Maranaws.

Aleem Taher said, “We represent the united front of the Muslims in Mindanao.”

“This is the first time in recent history that these three tribes joined each other for a common cause in the political arena,” said Arnold Garbanzos, Bangon Pilipinas Coordinator in the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

Dr. Zafrullah Alonto, former Spokesperson of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is running as senator under Bangon Pilipinas to represent Mindanao in the party slate.

Earlier, the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) also declared support to Bro. Eddie when its Founding Chairman Nur Misuari announced his Sulu Gubernatorial candidacy under Bangon Pilipinas.

Meanwhile, Seventh Day Adventist leader Tom Meneses also said, “Who would have thought this day would come? Groups that traditionally do not see each other eye to eye have forged unity and agreed to be under one banner… that of Bangon Pilipinas Party?. This is amazing!”

Dr. Jun Loquias of the influential BAPTIST-Philippines (Believers’ Action Towards Prosperity, Truth, Integrity for the State’s Transformation) brought with him Baptist Churches in the Philippines to be part of the united front of supporters for Bro. Eddie. In Mindanao alone, BAPTIST -Philippines has a 36,000-strong member Churches.

“Beyond religion, beyond historical conflicts, beyond personal interests: This is what Bangon Pilipinas is all about!”, said Bro. Eddie.


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