Bro. Eddie, Yasay Increase Facebook Mock Elections Percentage

If Facebook is by any means an indication of supporters’ excitement and adaptation to the May 2010 automated elections, then Bangon Pilipinas’ candidates are surely inching their way to victory.

Presidential and vice-presidential candidates and their supporters have been closely monitoring results of the ballots cast for the online polling sponsored by Facebook application, “Election 2010.”

As of 10:00 am of Tuesday, January 12, Bangon Pilipinas presidential candidate Bro. Eddie Villanueva and vice-presidential candidate Perfecto “Jun” Yasay both maintained a strong hold at number 2.

Bro. Eddie cornered a huge 35.75 percent of the total 2,066 ballots counted while Yasay, 26.84 percent. The figures represent the tally for the poll’s Round 9.

Bro. Eddie’s votes increased by 12 percent from his tally of 30.82 percent from Round 8 while Yasay bagged a 16 percent increase from his tally of 22.39 percent.

Bro. Eddie and Yasay have a solid support from both the youth and professional sectors who actively help in the awareness campaign for Bangon Pilipinas using social networking sites. These supporters have so far been successful in their campaign as proven by their strong presence in the online community.

The May 2010 elections will make its mark in Philippine history as the first to employ computer-aided vote-casting and -counting. According to the Commission on Elections, the automated polls is one of the main reasons why voters have high awareness about this coming national elections.


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