Should I have the power to decide what kind of life I would have, I would choose a perfect life. I want to enjoy life free from condemnation and ridicules of other people-Christians and non-Christians alike; a life full of material blessings man could ever imagine; a problem-free life that I don't have to seek solutions nor select from alternatives because there's no problem in the first place. But all these things seem impossible.

How I wish I had grown up in a well-to-do family, where its members do not worry about what to eat and wear; where a sickly brother could immediately be treated with medicines; where all the children will be able to go to school and reach their ambitions such that they will receive their college diplomas; where parents but anything they want and their children want - be it a simple thing or a luxurious one.

Many times in my life I've been dreaming for a family whose love, peace, and unity reign in every heart. How wonderful it is to see a father and a mother loving each other, being faithful to one another in spite of difficult circumstances they are facing. How good it is to see parents taking good care of their children, loving them with equality, and teaching them the moral values and attitudes they need for them to become good and productive citizens.

Is it not praiseworthy for the children to love and obey their parents? To care for them in times of sickness? To encourage them when they are in hopelessness and troubles? How about the relationship among the children? Should they love each other as they love their parents? Is there a need for them to help each other in times of problems and difficulties? To advice and rebuke the other when he surpasses his limitation? And praise him, on one hand, when he has done something good?

No one is perfect, and nothing is perfect.

August 17, 2005 11:00 AM
Boarding House, Jones Extension, Tacloban City

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