Top 10 Most-Visited Websites for April 2011

Here's the TOP 10 most-visited websites for April 2011 according to Double Click Ad Planner by Google. Using my Samsung Digital Camera, I took a photo shot for each website (main page) except for YouTube .

This social networking site has 880 million unique visitors or users with 910 billion page views! Amazing! No wonder why Friendster decided to discontinue its operation as a social networking site recently. Friendster will be focusing on online gaming instead. 

Note: Beware of scams in Facebook!
Do I use this website? Do I have an account? Both, YES!

YouTube places second with 800 million users. Search for any video, be it comedy, TV shows and commercials, you'll find them here. In fact, I am one of the 800 million users who registered an account with YouTube.

Places third in the list is Yahoo! If you want to know the latest news, use Yahoo! I recommend it for your internet research as well as a search engine just like Google. And hey, I also have an account with Yahoo! - that is, my Yahoo! Mail. There are 660 million users of Yahoo! as of April 2011.
TOP #4.
With 550 million registered users of, it is certainly one of the sources of traffic on the web. I use three services of Windows Live Writer for writing drafts for my blogs, Windows Photo Gallery for my pictures and videos, and Windows Live Movie Maker for editing videos and making clip presentations. So cool, so good!

A combination of online dictionary and encyclopedia, Wikipedia is a great source of information on different subject areas for me. Though not everything should be treated as true and scientifically correct, the website warns the reader that a particular information might be inaccurate, and thus, it needs some sort of refining and validation. It has 490 million unique visitors. This is the ONLY website among the Top 10 websites which doesn't have any advertising.

TOP #6.

Landing on the 6th position is the website with 450 million users worldwide. I have an MSN Messenger before but I closed the account since I do not have friends who use it. Filipinos still prefer Yahoo! Messenger.

One of the websites I frequently access almost everyday is Today, I am maintaining four (4) blogs and all of them are hosted by Blogger. I really like it. I am planning to purchase my own domain name with Blogger. It has 410 million users around the world. Blogger itself is in Top 77 with 42 million users.

Of the Top 10 websites, this is the only website I am not familiar with.  I search the word over Google and here's what I found from Wikipedia:

Baidu is a Chinese web services company which offers many services, including a Chinese language search engine for websites, audio files, and images. 

TOP #9.

This search engine has 340 million unique visitors as of April this year.

Want downloads for your operating system, softwares, etc? You need to visit this website. Just make sure you have a Geniune Microsoft Operating System or else the website will tell you that you are a victim of software counterfeiting. :-)

For other top-ranking websites, visit this link by Google.
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