Seminar on Teamwork

Yesterday we had this annual team building session at The Fisher Valley College (Main Campus) held at the Audio-Visual Room. Participants included college professors and instructors, elementary and high school teachers, and the college staff including student assistants. I'd like to discuss here the seminar entitled "TEAMWORK" delivered by the speaker, no other than our energetic Acting College Director and College Registrar, Ms. Kate Osorio. 

Ms. Osorio started her presentation by showing us a video clip about a Coca-Cola commercial. There was this Caucasian guy lying in the ground with his mat and beside him was a bottle of 1 liter of Coca-Cola. I think he was having a sort of picnic, lol. And suddenly, numerous small insects (beattle, grasshoppers, butterflies, ants, among others) tried to steal the soda from the guy. The insects were successful. This video is really amazing! Although the insect kingdom was apparently heterogeneous that did not hinder them from reaching their goal. The insect kingdom implements cooperation and unity. Bravo!

Afterwards, a slideshow about "How To Be A Cooperative Person" was presented. It was so simple. By using the word teamwork, the speaker was able to lucidly explain to us its importance. Here's what TEAMWORK stands for:


Every organization needs human resources. In fact, it is the people that becomes the foundation of it. Each individual possesses talent. Talent could be one's knowledge and skills. Without talent, I don't think an organization would succeed especially in TFVC since it is an educational institution. Teachers must know how to teach and what to teach. Human resource development or management officers must hire individuals who possess the educational qualifications related to the subjects he or she would be handling. I think this is one area of recruitment where some schools fail. How could a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing teach Economics with Land Reform and Taxation or C++ programming? Schools must regularly offer faculty development, trainings, and seminars to teachers as well. These will help them effectively teach students.


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