Some people are lovable
while others are not.
And one possibility exists:
I may not be a lovable person to you.

--The King's Rebel--

When can we say that a particular person is unlovable, and when can say that s/he is not? Is there any standard in which we could base our measurement? Or is there such a thing as measuring the extent of "un/lovable-ness" of a person? These are just some questions many of us would want to ponder especially by those people who are emotionally charged at almost all times.

It is my personal perception that some people are simply not lovable in relation to the people around them. Sometimes, we just wander why we don't feel good towards other people even if they haven't done wrong against us. We may be selective in friends whom we want to hang out with. I am saying this because I have experienced it and sometimes, you know, history repeats itself.

Perhaps, this is just a matter of self-perception. From the viewpoint of person who sees himself/herself as 'unlovable', focusing on other things and making ourselves busy will somehow shift his/her way of thinking from the issue. This may be temporary but it can be of help.


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