When unexplainable sadness overtakes you

You're longing for something. You're looking for something you don't have. You miss someone. You think of your past experiences. You begin to ask. What on earth am I here for? You couldn't grasp meaningful thoughts and feelings about yourself but loneliness, shame, and guilt. You don't understand what's going on. You're groping in the dark. Your heart may not be totally numb, but you start to think nothing, feel nothing, do nothing.

People are people - complete with five human senses to comprehend almost everything. You have all the faculties necessary to be able to survive in this world and act rational things. You eat and sleep; you go to school and work; you attend religious obligations; you date with your boyfriend/girlfriend; you talk to your neighbors and friends; you interact with members of your family. Yet you still feel that you lack something - something that even yourself could not understand. You actually don't know what it is but the longing, real as it is, is there. There's a hole inside your heart that needs to be filled in with something. Unexplainable sadness overtakes you. Because of your quest to fill this emptiness in your heart, you begin to dig your wells. At the end of the day, you still feel your life is incomplete. Why? Why? Why? But no one seems to answer.
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