35th Metro Manila Film Festival: Top Grossers

During the opening day of the 35th Metro Manila Film Festival on December 25, 2009, Ang Panday topped among the seven official entries with 16.9 million pesos. Following the third and fourth place are Ang Darling Kong Aswang with 16.8 million pesos and Shake, Rattle, and Roll XI with 16.2 million pesos, respectively. Nobody, Nobody But... Juan placed 5th with 8.0 million pesos while Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love placed 6th with 6.9 million pesos. Manny Pacquiao's Wapakman was knocked out at the 7th place with 750,000 pesos. During the first day of the MMFF, I watched Mano Po 6 at Starmall Cinema with my friend. If you want cheaper movie tickets, I suggest you go to Starmall Cinema instead. Hehehe. It's just P117 compared to P170 in SM Cinemas.

Here's the list of total gross ending of the seven official entries in the 35th Metro Manila Film festival.

As of December 25, 2009 (1st Day)* 
In millions of pesos

1st - Ang Panday---------------------------------------16.9
2nd - Ang Darling Kong Aswang-----------------------16.8
3rd - Shake, Rattle, and Roll XI------------------------16.2
4th - I Love You, Goodbye----------------------------11.7
5th - Noby, Nobody But... Juan-------------------------8.0
6th - Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love----------------------6.9
7th - Wapakman---------------------------------------0.75

As of December 27, 2009 (3 Days)**
In millions of pesos

1st - Ang Panday--------------------------------------20.0
2nd - Shake, Rattle, and Roll XI-----------------------19.8
3rd - Ang Darling Kong Aswang-----------------------18.5
4th - I Love You, Goodbye----------------------------17.9
5th - Nobody, Nobody But... Juan---------------------10.2
6th - Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love---------------------10.1
7th - Wapakman---------------------------------------1.4

As of December 31, 2009 (7 Days)***
In millions of pesos

1st - Ang Panday--------------------------------------58.0
2nd - Ang Darling Kong Aswang----------------------56.5
3rd - Shake, Rattle, and Roll XI-----------------------53.0
4th - I Love You, Goodbye---------------------------51.0
5th - Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love--------------------25.0
6th - Nobody, Nobody But... Juan--------------------23.0
7th - Wapakman---------------------------------------2.1

January 3, 2010 (10 Days)****
In millions of pesos

1st - Ang Panday-------------------------------------90.2
2nd - Ang Darling Kong Aswang---------------------83.0
3rd - I Love You, Goodbye--------------------------77.6
4th - Shake, Rattle, and Roll XI----------------------71.1
5th - Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love-------------------37.0
6th - Nobody, Nobody But... Juan--------------------29.7
7th - Wapakman--------------------------------------2.6

Total Gross Income for 14 Days*****
In millions of pesos

1st - Ang Panday-------------------------------------99.4
2nd - I Love You, Goodbye--------------------------94.3
3rd - Ang Darling Kong Aswang----------------------89.6
4th - Shake, Rattle, and Roll XI-----------------------77.6
5th - Mano Po 6: A Mother's Love-------------------42.0
6th - Nobody, Nobody But... Juan-------------------31.9
7th - Wapakman--------------------------------------2.6

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