Department of Education–Division of Pasig City


I was on my way to Pasig City to attend the christening of my cousin’s daughter. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the church ceremony. It was Sunday, so I also had to attend on the Sunday service at church. I was on the jeep when I saw this building, the Department of Education of the Division of Pasig City. I took off the jeep on Caruncho Avenue though it was still few meters away from my destination. It is part of Barangay San Nicolas.  I love taking pictures with almost anything especially if they are worth to be documented. This might help someone who is looking for this building. 

If you are from Lower Bicutan area, you’ll just have to ride a jeep with the signage Pasig Palengke. The fare is P19.00.

This building was renovated under the administration of Mayor Bobby C. Eusebio. Across the street you will find the La Immaculada Concepcion School and the Pasig Cathedral. Heading east is the City Hall of Pasig City and the Pasig Public Market.
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