The gay version of Manny Villar’s political campaign jingle

Nakabuking ka na ba sa tambak ng basura
Nakasuso ka na ba sa tabi ng kalsada
Yan ang hanap namin
Mga papang mabubuking.

Naisip mo na bang pineperahan ka niya?
Todo effort tayo para magkatrabaho
Para pag bumuking
May pambayad tayo.

Maging bakla ay tunay na mahirap
Maging bakla ay tunay na puro pasakit
Mga bakla lang ang may kakayahan
Na magpalit ng sariling pangalan
Mambakla na lang
Nang matapos ang iyong kahirapan.

Almost every Filipino in Metro Manila has already heard presidential candidate Manny Villar’s jingle for political campaign. You can see the infomercial in TV stations. AM and FM stations frequently play it over the air. And when you go to all Starmalls, which I’ve heard owned by Villar himself, you will hear the song throughout your shopping hours. I sometimes have this last song syndrome (LSS).

The above lyrics is the gay version of the jingle. I don’t know who composed it but for sure it comes from the gay community. When a colleague sent this to my email, I was laughing while I was reading it. Here comes the creativity of gays again. I think Manny Villar would just smile and this could boost his appeal to the members of the third sex. May 2010 is fast approaching and about 45 million Filipinos will be casting their votes for the presidential election.


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