Leyte Province: List of Candidates for May 2010 Elections

Name of Candidates

Nickname Political Party
   1. PETILLA, Carlos Jericho L. Icot Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   1. BAGULAYA, Ma. Mimietta S. Mimyet Liberal Party
 FOR CONGRESSMAN (1st District)    
   1. CLEMENCIO, Feliciano B. Fiel Independent
   2. ROMUALDEZ, Ferdinand Martin G. FM Lakas-Kampi-CMD
 FOR CONGRESSMAN (2nd District)    
   1. ALVERO, Ashley A. - Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino
   2. APOSTOL, Sergio Antonio F. Serging Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   3. BALDERIAN, Rustico B. Toti PDSP
   4. HIDALGO, Alberto N. Abet Hidalgo Liberal Party
   5. LAWSIN, Bartolome C. Tome Independent
   6. SORO, Von Kaiser P. Bong Independent
   7. TRIMOR, Pastor Jr. J. Pat Bangon Pilipinas Party
FOR CONGRESSMAN (3rd District)    
   1. PELIPEL, Paquito Jr. D. PP Independent
   2. PFLEIDER, Edwin A. Bebot Liberal Party
   3. SALVACION, Andres Jr. D. Andy Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   4. VELOSO, Eduardo K. Ed Lining Nacionalista Party
 FOR CONGRESSMAN (4th District)    
   1. CODILLA, Eufrocino Jr. C. Winnie Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   2. GOMEZ, Richard I. Goma Liberal Party
   3. TAGOLINO, Silverio R. Berio Independent
 FOR CONGRESSMAN (5th District)    
   1. CARI, Jose Carlos L. Boying Lakas-Kampi-CMD
 FOR BOARD MEMBER (1st District)    
   1. BAÑEZ, Venancio Jr. A. Dodong Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   2. BRAZIL, Proto Jr. Q. Toty NPC
   3. GO-SOCO, Ma. Lourdes A. Malou Lakas-Kampi--CMD
   4. JOMADIAO, Edwin B. Edwin Independent
   5. TIU, Roque A. OK Liberal Party
   6. YU, Renato C Renato Independent
 FOR BOARD MEMBER (2nd District)    
   1. APOSTOL, Anlie G. Ebbie Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   2. DELA CRUZ, Joaquin Ashley A - Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino
   3. ONGBIT, Simeon Jr. O. Tamboy PDSP
   4. VILLASIN, Niccolo J. NIco Lakas-Kampi-CMD
 FOR BOARD MEMBER (3rd District)    
   1. LELIS, Arcadio B. Carding Nacionalista Party
   2. OCUBILLO, Merlou O. Lot Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino
   3. OCUBILLO, Romulo R. G.M. Molly Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino
   4. PATES, Pedro Jr. A. Supremo Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino
   5. PIAMONTE, Rolando C. Lando Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   6. REMANDABAN, Bernard Jonathan M. Benjo Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   7. SALVACION, Andres Nautilus P. Boyen PDSP
 FOR BOARD MEMBER (4th District)    
   1. BERTULFO, Deborah G. Ebon Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   2. JABILLES, Antonio C. Tony Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   3. LARRAZABAL, Mario E. Mar Liberal
   4. LAURENTE, Reynaldo S. Rene NPC
   5. REYES, Juanito V. Dodong Liberal Party
 FOR BOARD MEMBER (5th District)    
   1. CAYUNDA, Florante Jr. A. Jun Jun Lakas-Kampi-CMD
   3. LORETO, Carlo P. Opan Lakas-Kampi-CMD


Pinili-ay 2010: The 2010 Philippine Elections Website


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