Monday night when Jojo and I decided to visit Aaron at his place in Laguna, two hours ride by bus. That was 7:45 in the evening. I have an exam on Friday but I decided to meet Aaron. He would be going back to London again on August 28, and I might not see him again, lol. Kuya Sean introduced him to us (as usual), :-) I have fun with him. I enjoyed being with him, and I know he enjoyed too being with us. Hehehe..

I didn't expect that I would be too close to Aaron (am I, bunso?, LOL). We call him our bunso (bunso means "youngest" in the birth order), though he has no siblings. We stayed at his house for two nights and three days. Our routine: talking, eating, watching movies, and dramatic acting! Hahaha.. Well, we have lot of pictures stored in our cellphones.. You can request the pix if you want to.. :-)

I was really amazed by him.. He has lots of talents.. He is good in singing, dancing, playing the piano, etc.. At his young age, he is able to serve the Lord through his church where he plays the piano during the worship service, etc..

I will truly miss him.. I am happy that he could feel my love even in my simple ways of acts.. Hope to see him next year if God allows.. It's September already next month and he has to go back to London for his studies.. September is the start of classes there, unlike here that starts in June..

Bunso, God bless you.. Yeah, I'll promise you: I willl not forget you.. It's good that we have internet now, so can chat regularly, or else we'll be forced to send snail mails to each other.. LOL!


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