It's really great to be with a friend who value you as a person, as a friend, and as a brother. I enjoyed going around the SM Mall of Asia with Jojo. Well, that was my first time to visit the place and I was really amazed. as in, my eyes kept on rolling... :-) It's really a big place and whew! When we entered in the entrance door, there's some force of cold wind that's trying to block our way in entering the mall. LOL! Juz joking.. :-)
I've heard that malls in the Philippines are better off than that of Korea, Indonesia, and other Asian countries. I wonder why most Filipinos can afford to go to malls and buy something while the poverty incidence in the country is very high. Sounds contradictory, right? Or perhaps we are just luxurious? Hmmm, that could be one. Hehehe.. Another is the plain truth that Filipinos love to hang out with their friends and have fun with them.. and in urban cities like Manila, it's common to see people in malls.

After we "tour" around the mall, :-)... actually, we we're not able to go to the other areas inside the mall, hehehe we walked along the bay area.. and it's really nice there! awesome! the mall is near the sea.. jojo told me that the area of which the mall is situated is actually a part of the sea before (or the seashore perhaps, shallow part of the sea).. they just put rocks and soil on it.. while we're walking, we could see happy hearts and souls (lol) under the shades of the coconut trees.. you know what i mean.. lovers! hehehe.. but there are others too who just hang out there and enjoy the foul odor of the air coming from the sea.. joke!

we have seen a lot of small creatures/insects in the rocks and they were in clusters.. jojo said "yuck!!!!!" when he saw them.. hehehe.. we don't know what are those cute little insects until i asked a guy there and he told us that they are "mga ipis ng dagat".. wow! ang galing.. meaning, these are the cockroaches of the sea! wehehehe... so that means, there are house cockroaches, land cockroaches, and air cockroaches... hehehe... and we also saw some crabs there, hiding in the rocks.. bad for jojo, he wasn't able to walk and jump on the top of the rocks because he's afraid he might get slide... he's wearing shoes.. and me? i always wear the beggar's clothes! hehehe.. term ni jojo sa ganon: yagit! hehehe... i had my slippers so it's easy for me to have that adventures while jojo was just watching me... hehehe!

there were few people in the Manila Bay (by the way, that's the name of the bay/sea, hehehe) who were catching "tahong"... mussels... and others were fishing.. perhaps for leisure.. i asked the people there, talk with them.. hehehe.. you know, i could always talk to people and i initiate the discussion... hehehe... and jojo took a pic of me using his phone.. thanks jojo! you're the man! :-)

after an hour, jojo told me that... that.... that..... he's already angry! i mean, hungry! hehehe.... typographical error.. hehehe... so we went back to the mall and eat the chairs there to satisfy our hungerness... lol! after that, we've watched the pipz down there (we're on the 2nd floor, am i right jojo?) in the ice kating court.. and he really want to play icekating, but for some reasons, we can't do the icekating... hehehe..

well, well, well i am glad that i'd already visited the SM Mall of Asia.. and Jojo and I agreed to visit the place again with other friends some other time, preferably during the night because we think it's more enjoying to spend time there during nighttime.. thanks a lot jojo! you are one of a kind.. i will cherish every moment that we're together.. hehehe.. you are a godly man, a man of integrity, an intellectual, a guy full of potentials.. you're a good and dear friend to me.. a brother, my bugto..

let's keep our eyes unto Jesus and not on each other's personalities.. and im quite sure our friendship will be firm and last for eternity.. :-) kitams! if and only if God is the center of our friendship!

thanks for everything!


Jojo and I were both fascinated with the place. I could just say that we can compete with our neighboring countries in terms of malls--high technology, sophisticated, the big area, etc.. etc..

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