Wanna Try Climbing a Coconut Tree?

This particular coconut tree is planted just in front of my sister's house. The mananggete (the person on the tree), is my distant relative. His name is Rico. Mananggete refers to a coconut tree climber who makes tuba, a native liquor similar to lambanog of the Ilocos. The tuba gatherer cuts the coconut flower into thin slices and wraps it with a piece of cloth. After two weeks or so, he'll climb the tree again and gets the sap or juice of the coconut flower and store it for months until it becomes a tuba. Tuba is a favorite native wine in Leyte.

In the provinces throughout the Philippines, it is common to see numerous coconut trees everywhere. Don't you know that our country is the largest coconut-producing country in the whole world?? Yeah! So this is something that Filipinos must be proud of.

Coconut trees have already been part of people's lives. Yes! It's as if you can't live without it. In fact, others considered these trees their life. Coconut farming, along with rice farming and racing livestock, is the primary source of income for most Filipinos. I grew up in a rural community where my municipality is classified as 5th class municipality. Well, if we say 5th class, it's not yet a progressive community. So you could see vast lands planted with coconut trees.

During my childhood and teenage years, I usually spent my time climbing coconut trees, picking up fruits, and enjoying the taste of fresh buko with my friends (and foes, too). Joke! I don't have enemies, hehehe. I am a peace-keeper. Would you believe that I could climb very high coconut trees? Hmmm, 50 feet high? Well, I inherited some genetic characteristics of Spiderman, so I could climb up easily. It's really nice to do such stuff. Exciting and you'll feel the panting and fast beating of your heart. But hey, it's very dangerous! If you want to see me climbing in a very tall coconut tree, or you want to eat fresh buko, and you want to experience life in the province, just text me or send a message to my email, okay?? :-) We'll settle that. 

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