I received the test paper today for our first examination in Statistics for Social Sciences 201 subject. I was sad of the result :-( I got a score of 78 out of 100 items. The passing is 60, so I made it. Fellows like me have to get 80 of all the three 100-item exams throughout the semester to maintain my fellowship grant (in this subject). And I only got 78, two points plus to make it 80. We were all actually worrying that we will not pass the exam. But fortunately, none of us failed. However, I do not feel okay since I got my test paper and until now, my heart is worrying and I am not at ease. I approached my professor and she told me about that. She tried to re-check my paper hoping that she could find possible correct answers. She might escape some items or what. But sad to say, there's no additional point for me. She then told me that I need to get 82 in the second exam to make the average 80, which is equal to 2.0 grade. I have studied my lessons. When I examined my test paper, there was a 3-point item there that the answer was so easy. But because of my carelessness, I wrote the answer mistakenly. Instead of 0.3857, I wrote it as 38.57%! Well, these two figures have the same value, but proportion is asked in the test and not the percentage. :-( I if answered it correctly, I should get a score of 81.

Lesson learned: look at the questions carefully. Well, I have nothing to do now to change the actual score for this particular test. But I can still improve my performance in the second exam. May the good Lord help me. God is teaching me not to worry too much. You know, I am not comfortable when I get score below of what is required even when I was still in elementary. Sometimes, I cry :-) Hehehe...

But yes, I can do this, with God's help.. :-) Please pray for me.


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