At Word Community Church in Olongapo City

 At Word Community Church in Pasig City

Last Sunday, I attended the worship service at Word Community Church in Pasig City with some of my friends. I couldn't remember the specific topic the pastor had preached but there were three things that stick to my mind: take risk, let go, and trust. These things were not the much-emphasized things during the preaching but these were included in the powerpoint presentation.

Let me just present here my thoughts about these things. All of these seem to be commands or requests.

By taking risks, we are opening ourselves to change. It is the accepting of the need for change and it is taking the behavioral steps that will result in that change. Almost for two years that I really struggled in taking the risk to change. My heart says "I need to change! I want to be changed!" But I was simply afraid to undergo changes. Taking risks exposes one's self into the light. It means that we heartily accept the consequences of our actions. You are gambling relationships or people. I know what actions are required to do. I have had fears because those actions would definitely affect others negatively. And it made me feel guilty.

Letting go is more difficult to do, right? We want to cling more on persons and on our relationships with them that we don't want them to lose. We tend to be defensive. We're afraid to sacrifice our time and our ability to make the circumstances better. But this is exactly what God wants for us. And it's really hard. But we have to obey if we want to be changed.

Trusting is the ability not to worry of what might happen after you take the risks and let go of certain things or relationships. It is a demonstration of your trust in the other person's willingness to accept an honest, open, and upfront approach to resolving the conflict. It is believing in God's promise that He is ready to help you in your problems. Trust is the absence of worry, an absence of fear in your heart.

Take risk, let go, and trust.

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