The Bible says that friends are wealth to a person. Yes, it's true. When I settled here in Manila for the purpose of studying, I was afraid that I might not live happy without my friends. I easily felt lonely and sad when when I sense that I'd be losing a friend. Thanks that it doesn't end up to depression. I know that it is God's plan for me that Kuya Sean entered into my life. He introduced me to people who became part of my life.

These friends awaken me to new understanding with their wisdom. Their principles and perceptions in life affect me directly and indirectly. On some aspect, they influence my thinking, the way I behave, and how I feel. I will not the deny the impact they created on my life. They are my treasures. They offer their strength when I am in weakness. The mere presence of them with me somehow satisfies the longing in my heart. I always ask myself such as "What if I didn't encountered these people? What kind of life will I be living?" They move my soul to dance with joy. They make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.

I asked myself then. Will my friends stay forever in my life? What if one day they'll turn their backs from me? What if they don't enjoy anymore being with me? What if they found me insignificant on their lives? Perhaps, only time will tell me the answers. There are realities in all friendships that I must accept: some friends stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same. So this is it. I am always reminded of the one-liner statement given to me by my lady pastor: Don't expect too much.

Thanks to God that He has given me His Holy Spirit. He strengthens me in times of my weaknesses, lifts me up when I am in trouble, and encourages/cheers on me when I am in loneliness.

To all my friends, thanks for coming into my life. I appreciate you a lot.

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