It's good to trust, right? But there must be something that we should always remember: don't expect too much! For the past two weeks, this has been the statement that stick to my mind. And I know why.

When you trust a person or something, you put your confidence on that person or thing. But I want to be specific. Let me focus to trusting someone. If I put my trust to a friend, I would easily tell my deepest secrets to him/her which I could hardly confide to other people. Perhaps I'll share my visions, dreams, and ambitions in life. Perhaps, I would always tell him/her every detail of my day-to-day life, such as, "Hey! I'm eating banana", or else "Hi, i'm on my way to school". But trusting for me is far from that. You must feel security, comfort and love from the person whom you have put your trust. If you do not feel these, there must be wrong. There must be questions that should be addressed to. One thing to consider is this: do that person know that you have put your trust and confidence on him/her? Or you just pushed yourself to be loved and feel the security you are longing for? This is crucial. Now, I am talking here of relationships--human relationhips. How do the person treats you? Do you feel that you are important to him/her, just like he/she is important to you? If not, you have to check yourself and the situation. You have to reconsider everything. You will only be hurt eventually.

Don't expect too much. Each of us expects from everything, from someone, from the people who are close to our hearts. But that expectations should not exceed to what it ought to be. Sounds crazy? We can't measure that. It's hard to delineate the expectations which are just "enough" from that of "too much". Make reservations for your self. I received a forwarded text message which says, "Don't make someone a priority when he treats you like an option", but this is not a right perspective. People are just people. We have limitations. We make mistakes. We are not perfect. Sometimes, they will fail you. Or shall I say, will always fail you.

With every circumstance that I face, I consider it as a challenge. When I say challenge, it means that there must be something that I should do. It includes thinking on something, doing the necessary actions I must take, and believing that something good will happen.

We can trust in many things, in many people.
None of these, however, offers the plan of protection, the long term security, the satisfaction of our human longings, or the benefits that trusting in God offers. All of the other things in which we place our trust can fail. Only in God that we could surely find everlasting peace, love, joy, comfort, and encouragement. Begin to trust in the Lord. As His Word says in Proverbs 3:5,6: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths" (my favorite Bible verse) and I'm sure that God will never fail you!



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